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muzzle loader cheating:D

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Gator Guy, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. I think everyone should have to use the old flintlock with a ball and patch,open sights.
    With all the new tech loaders out there, anyone can purchase one and be hunting within an hour.(no ffl on m.loaders)
    209 primers,3 pyrodex pellets,240 gr sabots,Man thats a rifle.
    This sounds like some other thread.:eek:
  2. I'd like to get a flint lock, but they are just to dang much money.


  3. Flintlock?

    Heck, why not a Matchlock? even better.:D

  4. lol @ SBO:D
    can't you get some cross hairs on your signature??
  5. Maybe spears and clubs, then it could truly be called hunting! Whatever!!
    I hope nobody is stirring up trouble around here. This is what happened at the bowsite. People started getting kicked off for ruffling feathers.
  6. No feather ruffling here,I'm serious!;)
  7. Gator,
    I been tryin for weeks to get a bead on that sucker.....dang thing just wont stop :D.

    Spit fire....only feathers i plan on ruffling are on a big Tom next spring;)

  8. There ya go Shorebound, plan on doing alittle spring ruffling myself. Good luck!
  9. I would like the law to say no inlines during primitive weapons seasons. I think that caplocks should be allowed
  10. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    I know what you mean Arrow 1. It kind of takes the "primative" out of primative weapons season but I'll live with it. I look at them being the crossbow of the muzzle loader season.

    Now as for ruffleing some spring feathers........ keeyuk :)
  11. LOL Gator Guy:D

    I was going to start a thread where tree stands are not fair chase and should be made illegal.:eek: Make everybody stay on the ground and really hunt.:p
  12. Question

    Hey I am thinking about getting a muzzleloader for next year. What are some of your opinions about them and which type to get? Ill admit when it comes to muzzleloaders then Im the village idiot lol.. Ive shot a couple of friends but thats been a few years ago.
  13. I haven't muzzleloaded before , talking to friends they say to get the T/C Black Diamond 50 Cal. It has all what you need in a kit for starting out. What do all of you think?
  14. I wish I could help. But I just picked mine up at Wal-mart for the primative season.:D ;) :p
  15. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod


    Depends if you want to keep the "primative" in primative weapons. If you don't care you can't go wrong with ANY Thompon Center but my father-in-law bought an inexpensive .50 cal Cabela's gun and it shoots very nicely through 100 yards.
  16. It was a joke:D

    But I do have the low cost one from WalMart. Wife got it two years ago for me. I just use it for hunting. After my friend taught me the proper ways to maintain and load it we went to a range so I could test out what my bullets would do with what grains of powder. It was a real eye opener for sure. I am glad that I didnt invest a lot of $$$ into it since I only hunt with them and not do competitive shoots.

    There are many BP rifles out there and you would have to pick out what is best for your tastes. Go low first IMHO and see how ell you like it.
  17. zfish just said he shot a couple of friends:confused: :confused: :confused: , I guess now he want to shoot some with a muzzle loader:D :D :D :D :D :D zfish
  18. Madcatter

    Lol I was on a roof all day must have went to my head. Everyone makes fun of Walmart lol its my favorite place to shop... I will prolly just pick up a cheapo and see how I like it ... My main question which I guess I didnt point out very good is what kind as in flintlock, inline that kinda thing. :) It will just be for hunting and thats it.
  19. If you want something that is a lot of fun and makes you get a little closer to the game get a gun that shoots a round ball like a Thompson Center Hawken. There are lots of roundball guns to choose from out there. I have one of these and I feel confident out to about 50 yards with mine.

    On the other hand, If you are really not into a sporting challenge and feel you just have to kill something, get one of the many inlines that are available. they shoot a conical shaped modern bullet that you can kill a deer out to 125 yards or more with. Most guys put scopes on these which makes it even easier.