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Muskie & Wallieye

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by Stampede, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. I'm new to this site,so first i want to say hello.I live in Batavia Oh. Close to East Fork Lake.Love hunting and fishing and just being outdoors.I'd like opionions on a good muskie lake and a good wallieye lake in this part of the state.Or any part of the state.My fishing buddie(my wife) and i don't mind traveling.We love fishing and camping.We've been to Leesville for muskie and i was wondering of other lakes for muskie,and would love to find a lake for good wallieye fishin.Any tips would be helpful.

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  2. The best lakes for muskie around here are:

    West Branch
    Salt Fork

  3. For walleye there is no better lake than Lake Erie, East Harbor has one of the nicest campgrounds I have ever been to, it is right on the water .... East harbor also contains Northern pike and some first rate carp action:D :D :D Where else can you go catch a 10lb walleye, 9lb smallmouth,10lb pike or a 20lb carp .. all within a 5 mile radius ....
  4. Is east foek a good lake for fishing?
  5. I've not had much luck bass fishin at east fork,but i've only bass fished in daylight.My brother-in-law fishes there at nite and sayes it's o.k. I fish at nite for cats and have a couple of pretty good holes.I also see the crappie fisherman doing fair.I've been to leesville and piedmont,havent been to west branch or salt fork.I don't think salt fork is to far from me,where is west branch? How is the camping facilities at these lakes.I've never been to lake erie.Ive got a 16ft lowe fishin boat, v-bottom,30hp merc.How would it do on the lake.
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  6. Stampede.... buddy of mine rates saltfork as the "sleeper" this year. He got a 52"er there last year and several others. Also likes Piedmont and Leesville. Saltfork is also good for saugeyes. Biggest eyes seem to come from Clendening lake in Harrison Co.
  7. I would have to agree on Saltfork, I've heard many people talking about big fish or all sorts come from there. I know some people that fish leesville and catch a fair amount of arm length muskie.
  8. I'll be giving salt fork a try.What's it like there,camping,cabins?what's the horsepower?
  9. Saltfork has it all.....Main lodge with nice rooms, golf course, and swimming pools for the faimily. Also have nice cabins and decent campgrounds. The HP, I believe is unlimited as I've seen big jet boats in skiing season! Most of the good fishing for muskie, walleye, and saugeye is spring and fall. Nice crappie there also if you can find 'em.....TF
  10. Salt Fork is great. My dad and I tried out Piedmont in the middle of august last year and it was HOT. We weren't catching anything so on the last day we stopped by Salt Fork and had a blast. We were catching bass, white bass, and catfish while trolling, was fun.
  11. If you got a 30 hp merc then you wont be able to fish leesville because it has a 9.9 hp limit.
  12. Salt Fork seems to be the place to go.Sounds like a weekday lake.Any tips on which part is better than the other?
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