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  1. Happy to report My clover plot is looking stellar this spring with all the recent rains. However, I have a bunch of brassica and cereal rye that is growing up vigorously (not intentionally though). I over seeded my clover plot with brassica and some cereal rye last fall but they didn't come on strong in the fall. However, the brassica and cereal rye is growing strong now.
    My question is, should I just forego mowing my clover this year and let the Brassica and cereal rye continue to grow all summer? ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1526351159.750174.jpg
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  2. I’m no expert in this but that’s probably what I would do. Clover produces it’s own nitrogen,I don’t think the brassicas, and rye would totally choke it out. The following year tho your plot could be patchy...

    Interested to see what others say. I know when my clover was thriving, I would cut it in late July when it was about a foot high, it seemed tho that it didn’t recover as fast.. Not sure if I grow clover agin if I will cut it... Good luck tho with what ever you choose.. I would let it grow personally..

  3. If it’s a spot you really want clover all the time I would spray with cleth and 24db. If your ok with replanting cheap mixes every year let it go then spray and replant later this summer. I usually let them go then spray, roll, and replant.
  4. I would just mow it late may. That will take care of most of your issues.
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    If your shooting for clover only you need to cut it, but it all boils down to what you desire!!
  6. I looked up an old post on clover I believe u were a part of. If the brassics and rye helped u draw more in before or seemed success ful keep them one more year that clover isn't going anywhere broadcast more clover in there. If u want straight clover mow it toss more seed after a mow and a before a big rain with more clover it's cheap. I've had lots of success broadcast ing it and mowing for weeds. It grows like wildfire here anyhow.
  7. Probably going to wait until the ground dries out a bit and mow it down a bit. I am more concerned about weed control in the clover than the brassica and cereal rye
  8. I mowed mine every other week at 4 inches last control weeds thick now IMG_20180508_163731.jpg
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  9. IMG_20180517_182821.jpg probably common in a clover field but she was happy non the less. Saw a deer coming across and got winded 100 yards out. Nice to have the all the young kids outside even just a 4wheeler Cruise