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Mountain Birds

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by hunteverything08, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. I'm going to be doing some turkey hunting on some steep, tough terrain in southern ohio, so I am looking for tips on hunting these ridges, benches and hollows. Ive hunted them before with little success on this property, so tried and true tactics would be helpful. Thanks guys
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  2. Scout! And then scout some more. Know the area and where the birds want to be before they are there. Find ways for easy access( I.E. old log roads, quad trails, open areas that you can use to move around the area without making a bunch of noise). If the birds are in the area and you "Know the terrain" your half way there!

  3. After bear hunting in the mountain counties of WV I can't bring myself to call anything in Ohio a mountain. Hahahaha

    I have a friend who hunts the late part of the season in Gallia County and he's had lots of success. He also has family down there who spend a lot of time in those hills. jrose advice seems legit, follow it.
  4. I had a camp in the Birch River area of WV for about 25 years. Not only is the hunting physically tough, the birds are tough as well. One thing that you need to take into consideration is the fact that, even though a bird sounds a long ways off, it could be & probably is a lot closer than you think. The hollows cause gobbles to be muffled. It gets even worse when the leaves start coming out. I don't care to count the number of birds I have bumped thinking they were way over yonder when they were rite cheer. If you strike a bird, don't move on him right away. Work him a little & see if you can figure out if he really is far off. Then react accordingly.
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  5. I was thinking the same thing and had to chuckle. WV season opens Monday and the property I will be hunting has 900' of elevation difference from ridge to valley. Heck I dont even consider that mountainous.
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  6. Where I am headed is only 5 miles from the West Virginia line and not much like most of Ohio. Very large steep hills with benches and hollows. Thank you for the tips guys. I have noticed that the sound carries differently like GKS mentioned and it's harder to locate distance of the gobbler.
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  7. Anything W of I77 isn't real WV. That's what the locals in Webster County told me. They were hilarious, friendly mountain folk.
  8. That's where my camp was & 99% of the folks were exactly how you described them. It was that 1% you had to be careful of, the drug dealers & the poachers that would kill deer anytime & as many as possible, take the tenderloins & hams tossing the rest over the side of the mountain.

    Where were you in Webster. We were about 1/2 between Cowan & Birch River & about 30 miles from Summerville.
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  9. I think you mean I79 and yes that is the typical opinion. I hunt in the true mountains occasionally in Pocahontas and Randolph counties. To get from the hollow to the ridge can take several hours of walking. My ohio ground is just across the ohio river less than 15 miles and it lays really nice comparatively. I've had the best luck just hunting the ridges for turkeys in both topographies
  10. The highest point in Ohio is actually in Belfontaine! No where near southern Ohio. 1550 Feet, but still not a mountain by any means. We do have some pretty steep terrain in places though.
  11. They will come up a ridge a lot easier than they will down. If you here one gobble or know where they are roosting at , always try to get above them.
  12. I'm sitting right now on top of a mt in Letcher co ky. Birds will use ridges as strut zones. Especially there's any kind of clearing as in a logging rd or just a fairly open forrest floor. Gobblers want hens to see them! I was hunting the Cherokee nf in east Tennessee several years ago and found a flat toped semi open ridge. It was a killer to get to but once there it was almost a guarantee, or as close as that gets in Turkey hunting, that birds would show up.
  13. Have in luck in ky today?