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more than two

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. I know that KY allows the use of more than one rod. Why can't we use more than two in Ohio? This would be nice when cattin' the inland lakes or when trolling for musky, it would allow the use of teaser rigs and you would be able to cover more area. As long as there are bag/size limits there should be no problem. I could see the problem on the bank if it was crowded, but from a boat should be okay.
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  2. hmmmm...i always thought u could use more than 1 rod in ohio????:confused:

  3. I don't know why I put one? It's two.
  4. I don't get it either. You can only use two rods with three hooks on each rod. Why not three rods with two hooks each or six rods with one hook each. Got the same amount of hooks out? When I lived in Ga. you can use as many rods as you can handle. I was told that by a ranger when I lived down there. Only in Ohio.:rolleyes: ;)
  5. I saw this debated before

    So long as one follows the regulations, ie. 6 walleyes kept- what difference does it make how many rods you use to catch them.
    I think even in KY you are restricted to how many rods you can use within 200 yards of a dam. Other than that, i used to think it was silly to want more than 2 or 3 rods. Now under actual use & experiance, I can see how one could troll several rods on Erie 7 hit multiple depths & use planer boards, downriggers, jets, longline, etc. When I troll here, i just use 2 - one on each side or I get tangler on the turns. For catfishing, I can and have run 6 or 7, but in when you find fish, better not have so many out or you 'll get massive tangles when a big fish makes some runs ! Also it's stressfull when you are fighting one & another rod goes down- that's a nice stress. Glad I can fish the Ohio with KY license. In SC it's unlimited rods too.
    This is where regulations like restrictions on catfish would be good. I C&R all mine, but a meathunter could overharvest with alot of rods out. Then again, if you used all the hooks you're allowed in OH now, on your 2 rods, several trotlines, add some limblines, and jugs, you have ALOT of hooks in the water !!
    I'm just going off the top of my head, but I think 6 limblines, and 6 jugs allowed, and 2 trotlines with 50 hooks each? I'm not going to check it, but I know someone will correct me :rolleyes:

    Might be nice to allowed up to 6 rods total per person. Maybe restrict it to 4 off the bank ? Have 3 out & one to cast with.... Might have some fistfights if someone put out 10 or 20 rods along the bank.:confused:
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  6. Could never understand why you can fish with a multi hook trotline, but only two rods?
  7. I think I might shoot an email to the dnr and ask them. I'll let you guys know two months from now when they reply to me.
  8. It doesn't make any sense to me with ice fishing either, two rods and something like 6 tip ups. I would be tickled to death to be able to put out just one more rod while bank fishing. Not that I do this but it would be nice to throw a rod for something else (bass,crappie, gills) while waitin for the clickers to sound.

  9. I agree, many times I have two rigs out before dark and I see swirls and fish action.....but I don't want to move my rods that are already set just to throw a roostertail.
  10. Might not be "legal" but when I'm bank fishing I'll sometimes use a third rod to mess around with bluegills or cast for bass/crappie and such. Not always -- just places where there aren't a lot of people around, or at night. I'm just glad we're not limited to 1 rod like some states. It's tough enough to catch fish from the bank as it is, but that would make it nearly impossible.
  11. Interesting enough

    I know I've had a few remarks made about using multiple rods in the Ohio River under my KY license at times. I'll tell you, it's alot more interesting wathing 5 or 6 rods, especially when you're getting bumps on 3 of them wondering which one is going to go down ! Jack, you're going to enjoy yourself if you can get down here.:)
  12. Hey....I was looking this up

    I'll post it here too. It's the ODNR setline, trotlines, etc, Regulations(click here)
    Basically it looks like you can run 50 lines most anywhere & 3 trotlines in alot of places too, along with jugs......
    So what's the problem with 4-6 rods??? Why are we restricted to 2 rods in OH ??
  13. I just emailed the odnr and asked them this question Jim, probably wont get a responce.
  14. On shore/bank 2 rods will keep the peace... You guys all know there would be those couple guys who toss out 20 rods or more just to keep a spot to themselves :mad:
    Now from a boat you should be able to use all you can handle no doubt there.... Maybe should go to some meetings and bring that up eh ??? ;)
    I've seen 2-3 guys on Lake Erie in boats trolling with as many as 10-14 rods out when using boards and divers :eek:
  15. Even from the bank/shore fishermen should be able to use at least 3 rods. When I'm catfishing (which is pretty much all of the time when I'm fishing) I want 2 poles out and a third one to play around with catching bait, etc.
  16. Anyone get anything back from the DNR when you sent them an e-mail about fishing with only two rods?
  17. I haven't emailed them yet.........keep forgetting. I want to ask them about the rods and about hunting with rifles.
  18. Just take your girlfiend along... 1 girlfriend is good for 2 rods .. 2 girlfriends .. well thats another story:D :D :D I think most of the time 2 is plenty, but an extra for bait or whatever would come in handy... I almost never troll lake erie, so I use just one pole most of the time ... I like to fish, to me watching a bunch of poles takes away from the sport ... If the fish are biting 1 or 2 poles is all you need .... If you need 10 poles they aren't really tearing up the bait:D :D :D My dad always told me ... if everyone caught fish everytime they went fishing ... there wouldn't be any thing left to catch... I think a big part of the conservation is the man hours to fish caught ratio ... if one man can fish 80 to a 100 man hours in a day, that has to have some effect on the population .. I know some of you are going to say that is what bag limits are for ... but honestly how many times does one man with 1 or 2 poles get his limit .... If the fish are biting it isn't that much of a problem .. but when they are off, and you can get your limit by simply putting a bunch of poles in the water, you are kind of taking the natural order of things out of the equation. Plus how woud you like to go to your favorite bank spot and find out you couldn't get with in a 1/4 mile of it cause some slob had 10 poles spread out 5 to 10 yards a part:mad: :mad: I might be the minority here but I am going to say keep it the way it is or maybe up to to 3 max. Now set lines are a different story, I would like to see them cut back to what ever is allowed for an angler
  19. I think it would come in hand when striper, musky or catfishing. Basically any time your trolling or trying to find what a fish likes and where he likes it.
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