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  1. 280 inch killed in Ohio This is all the info I have on this deer it was posted on facebook 24174411_1737617112916764_6988467409888645928_n 280 - 1.jpg 280 - 2.jpg 24231752_1737617109583431_1762102203119598610_n 280 - 3.jpg
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  2. Looks like ribcages.

  3. Carrol county I heard 30 pts
  4. It's incredible, because it's a high fence deer.

    It was recently confirmed...
  5. Did the hunter claim it was a wild deer?
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    Yep, another fraud. People are unreal.

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  7. It's a real shame that I'm not shocked . When I first seen this thread I was thinking it looked like some I have seen on TV for a high fence add . I didn't want to jump to conclusions and was hoping it was a true free range deer .
  8. Boy,,, you have to wonder what the price tag was for him. I'm sure he wasn't cheap.
  9. Douche canoe! I'm sure that deer cost him 20,000 or better.
  10. The chaulky white rack remains a characteristic of pen raised. Guessing it’s the diet but I have no clue what causes that. I have seen free range whitetails get real white antlers late season before they shed.

    Shooting livestock then posing for a picture, SMH..
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    Per comments on Facebook, he allegedly drove it to a property in Carrol County and drug it into the woods and claimed he shot it there.
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    What an idiot, in this day there is no way in hell you can get away with any sketchy chit.
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    These guys that have more money than brains that want to just stroke their ego are unbelievable.
  14. Wow he’s gotta feel like a idiot.. I’m not on Facebook but I bet the comments are entertaining at the least
  15. Well , maybe he can make the SCI book for high fence deer . Maybe not with only 280 inches !!! LOL
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    Yep. It made some entertaining reading last night. It is just unbelievable how quick social media can spread information. This deer was being talked about in every state that borders us. And then the pics of it from the "ranch" it was shot on. BOOM, the roast was on.
  17. A guy that age (No offense) may not have a complete understanding of today's social media and the exponential rate of growth of something like that. Also without a complete understanding of how big a deer like that is in relation to all time free range whitetails I see how it could come to this. I mean, look at the guys hair??? He isn't fooling anyone by anything he does.
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  18. Just one more example of what deer hunting has become.
  19. I've been saying this for several years. The explosion of all these "deer hunting" shows has perverted the real meaning of whitetail hunting. Too may guys out there wanting to me Michael Waddell and Lee Lakosky and forgetting what's really important. Sad
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