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Monroe, MI Fishing Report 9/6

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by rockinmichigan, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. I went to Sterling State Park in Monroe, MI, yesterday/Thursday morning. I pulled in and put my lines in the water about 7:45AM, using minnows off the bottom using a medium action and heavy action poles, and my typical medium pole with a bobber, also with a minnow.
    For the better part of three and a half hours it was mostly me twiddling my thumbs while only getting a couple bites on my heavy action pole, both presumably longnose gar bites. The second such bites I did have it on briefly but soon found itself off the line.
    As it got close to noon is when the action started to heat up-a little bit. I switched the pole with the bobber for my ultra light and went straight down along the pier using waxworms. After finally catching a couple small bluegills about 12:45PM I decided to check my two other poles I had cast off the bottom. My medium action was minnow-less, so I put a new minnow on and no sooner did I cast out then I got a strike. I ended up landing about a 6" smallmouth bass hiding in the shallows about 30 yards from the pier. Not an impressive sized bass, sure, but a bass is a bass if you ask me. Almost 1:15PM I caught the fish of the day after catching another small bluegill, it was a sheephead. It was 16" and weighed out at two pounds. Fairly well fed if you ask me. Not long before I caught my sheephead a guy that was fishing there since about 11AM caught a 13" sheephead. Him and his lady friend were using nightcrawlers and had a few bites but I left before them and that was the only fish either one of them had caught. I called it a day about 2:30PM.