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Monroe, MI Fishing Report 8/25

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by rockinmichigan, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. I went to Sterling State Park in Monroe, MI yesterday morning. I got there about 8:45AM, a little later then I wanted but I had a late Friday night LOL I armed up with nightcrawlers, waxworms, and minnows. I bring my gear and bait onto the pier and I get a couple surprises, one good and one not so good. The good surprise was my buddy Jeff was on the pier fishing. We totally didn't plan it but was a nice surprise. He had been there for about an hour and wasn't having any luck on a few different lures and live crawlers. That leads to my other surprise-the conditions. There was very little wind, very little current, and the closer you got to the pier the more calm the water was. There was also quite a bit of green on the surface once you got closer to the pier. I think that's because (for those of you that have been to the park, you know where I'm talking about, and for those that don't know what I mean please bear with me for a minute) under the bridge the water is closed off. What I mean is, in the water there's a yellow barrier under the bridge that leads from one lagoon to the other. I noticed a week and a half ago they had cleared out quite a number of trees on the shoreline near the fishing pier that as you look out from the pier you can see the traffic coming in to the campground or to the boat launch. I don't know what they're doing at the park, but not sure either way how I feel about it either way. Also, I noticed from where I fished yesterday that towards where the campground is there's a barge near where the lilly pads and channel is that leads into Lake Erie. Once again, if you've been there at the park you probably know what I'm talking about. Once I find out, I'll pass it along but in the meantime if you happen to know what they're doing at the park I'd be interesting in knowing. Anyways, back to the fishing yesterday, Jeff hadn't gotten any bites using the topwater and spinners. He even tried the rope lure I had referenced in prior fishing reports with no luck. I tried a minnow under a bobber in shallow water and two poles cast out deep with minnows. After an hour and only one good bite on my heavy action pole cast out (presumably by a longnose gar) I decided to give my ultra light and waxworms a try, and while doing so I brought in my pole with the bobber. One of those things where usually if the biting is rough cast out I can normally etch in stone I'll catch at least a couple small bluegills along the side of the pier. No such luck yesterday. There wasn't many spots I didn't try along the pier but with no luck. Only a couple little taps and that was it. Jeff ended up calling it a day about 10:30AM, and I called it a day around noon or so. Unfortunately, the sun and the clouds and everything lined up so imperfect that both of us left skunked. I rarely get skunked there at Sterling, so I can't really complain much about it.