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Miles per shed

Discussion in 'Shed Hunting' started by bywayofthearrow, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Curious how many miles everyone is putting in for each shed find? I'm at 24 miles in the last month and still waiting on the first one. Most years I find roughly 1 every 10 miles. My best day was 6 in 4 miles. I'm hoping for a few more hikes before greenup. Not finding them in food or beds. Seeing a lot of fresh sign and game which is all that really matters. 3 woodcock flushes today.
  2. I would say one shed per hour is a good day for me. I don't track miles. I always took you for the kind of girl that wore a fit bit. :D

  3. Ha ha ha, we call them GIRLY MEN!!

    In all seriousness, I don't look anymore when I'm out hiking pulling stand or anything else I'll look. I only find them when I'm not looking.

    I use to spend time hunting them. Mushrooms are the same. One year I spend several days looking for both mushrooms and sheds only to come home and pull weeds in my Landscaping... 25 grays popped up in the mulch. Somewhat the Same thing has happen shed hunting.
  4. App on my phone thank you very much lol I wish I was at a shed per hour. We had a 4 man line yesterday for 7 hours and nada.
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  5. I have walked about 20 miles
    I have found 2. Friends found 2

    Some times I slow down around southern slopes and blow downs
  6. IMG_6988.JPG Walking / running 4 mile 2.25 at a road crossing...
  7. One so far for me in approx. 10 miles. Just a guess but lots of walking!
  8. 7 in 20 so far this year. Hoping for one or two more outings.
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  9. Waiting for the snow to melt. Blech! Was out with the dogs today. Field totally covered. A few bare spots, not many. Some drifts over a foot deep still. I am itching to get out and cruise over my favorite spots.

    I've found 4 this year so far but not when shed hunting but rather I was running the beagles and just looking around as I followed the dogs.

    Last year I spent 2-3 hours going through a bedding area and did not find a single one. On my walk back to the house I found 2 at the edge of a field within 5 minutes of each other. LOL
  10. 3 sheds just over 20 miles.. it's been a terrible year for me. Most years it's about 1 for every 2 miles..

    Scored this matching set over the weekend. Saw them from about 300 yards away, glassing the field with my binoculars

    ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1490043884.450813.jpg
  11. [​IMG]

    We did 6-8 miles. Sunday and found 0
  12. I've seen a bachelor group holding till early April in the past. Just got a report of only antlered bucks on a friends cameras he pulled. It's been a mild winter!
  13. Im around 25 miles and have 1 shed. Buddies have found 4-5 in that same period.
  14. I'm probably around 15 miles with only 1 in hand.
  15. IMG_7003.JPG 1.4 miles this morning to first shed...
    ...just ate lunch. Did 4.3 miles total this morning. Tomorrow may be it for the season...6 total.
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  16. About 2-3 miles per shed... Found 9 so far.
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  17. Final shed hunt for me this year this weekend [​IMG]
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  18. Walked for hours today on public land in Harrison county. Found no sheds! Did find three nice ladder stands however. Saw 50 turkey still flocked together.
  19. Mike no luck for me either 8-11 miles if I had to guess
  20. Bryan six

    Bryan six Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Bilman and I seen two really good bucks last weekend still holding horn!!