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Meat or Trophy Hunter?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by OLDHAT, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. MEAT HUNTER ( Antler stew tastes bad)

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  1. Well, it had to happen sometime so it might as well start here. So, who are the Trophy hunters and who are the meat hunters?

    I'll take the first vote and say that I am a Trophy hunter. I've got 5 on the wall (although they all don't make P&Y) and there will be another this year that will go up when he is done.

    For the Trophy fellas, I've had a hard time getting these "bad boys" before the rut. I'd like to know if anyone takes trophy (let's say 100 class +) caliber bucks in early season (prior Nov) and what tactics do you use to get these early season big bucks?

  2. When I come to Ohio to hunt it's for a good buck or I'm coming home empty handed.

  3. I want to shoot a good buck but I also want to shoot one. Points don't matter to me so I guess i would say meat hunter.
  4. When It comes to Bucks, I guess im a trophy hunter, I shoot the doe's for meat. I know I posted this in a previous thread but I will post it again anyway. For me the best way to get to with in bow range of a shooter pre-rut buck is to only hunt buck sign that is less than 4 days old ( less than 3 if possible) If an area hasnt had any rubs or scrapes made in the last couple days I keep scouting until I find fresh sign. If I have to blow a day of hunting to keep scouting so be it. I call it hunting not hopeing. After all the 2 week old rubs your hunting over could have been made by a buck that is laying on the side of the road somewhere or moved out of the area since it made that last rub a week or 2 before. I also will not hunt a spot more than 2 or 3 times a season unless its during the rut. Pike
  5. I'm a meat hunter if it is a buck in good range and a good shot i will take the shot . If it is a doe in good range and a good shot i will take her,Those big boys will come someday.
  6. im a meat hunter those antlers just give it a little more enjoyment
  7. I am a meat hunter but I will gladly shoot a trophy:D
  8. At my stage as a deer hunter I am what many consider a "meat" hunter. But I also consider every hunt a "trophy".;)
  9. Every deer is a trophy to me...

    I've gotten four deer in my whitetail career, two bucks and two does. I must say that I will gladly take a doe for some good venison:D , but I will pass on bucks that have a spread of inside the ears and are not 2 1/2 old deer. I was fortunate enough to have gotten a nice 20" 8pt and also a smaller 6pt. Both were very exciting hunts, but I will let the small ones walk. So I hunt does for meat, but I am waiting for that monster!

  10. Pike:

    That sounds interesting. Now I have never been one to hunt rubs, but I love seeing them (especially baseball to football sized ones on hardwood trees) you hunt fresh rublines or pre-rut scrapes? Now when I see fresh scapes (ones with mosquito's still buzzing in them and worms twisting/broken), then I am a firm believer that a guy can "see" that buck in the next 2 days if he thinks he's a good one and wants to attempt to set-up near the scrape.

    The other thing I do is hunt "thickets" aka clearcuts. It's pretty much where you will find the big boys early.

    I'd also like to add that here in Ohio, the big bucks (really all deer) hold onto the "summer pattern" for about 1-2 weeks into our season and they can be taken. But, that pattern ends quickly and until the rut these bucks are hard to find (I call it the"acorn spread-out"..they head back to a ridge/sperate from other bucks and you'll not see one until rut kicks in). This period usually lasts 2-3 weeks and ends around say the 5th of October.

    What I'd like to do is become a bit more proficient in seeing these fellas for those 3 weeks that they are in trasition from a summer pattern into the rut? Any advice would be good from anyone.

    I feel I am a fairly well versed bow hunter, but those 3 weeks from Mid October to the 1st week of Novemeber is tough hunting for trophy's (say 130 class+ bucks).

    Also, I would like to add that I hunt "big woods", not around too many crop fields....some of the woods might be as big as 6k-10k continuious acres of woods with very little "development" or crop fields, so there is plenty of room for the bucks to "seperate" into individual areas.

    Again, Thanks for any advice.

  11. Every deer is a trophy, some just have antlers!

    I am all about hunting for the meat. Those antlers sure are nice but they don't taste very good. If a big heavy beamed long tined buck walks in i am going to shoot. Those big antlers are just an added bonus. If a little fork horn walks in I am shooting him, I think you get the picture. As long as I fill my freezer, that's all that matters to me. When my son starts hunting and we have an extra tag in the house I might try for some wall hangers but until then I will shoot any deer.
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  12. If I want meat I shoot does for meat but when it comes to bucks I won't shoot em unless they're 125 or better...I pretty much strickly bowhunt and my last 3 bowkill buck from the last 3 seasons averaged about 130....Every nice buck I've taken has been between Oct 30th and Nov. 5th....I have certain areas that I know are awesome during this time and I don't even go near them until this time....
  13. I guess you could say a little of both. When it comes to bucks, if it is not a deer I would mount then I'm not gonna shoot it(unless I see a wounded one). I usually wait to shoot a doe during gun or ml season. That also gives me a reason to keep huntin!

  14. We are both.

    We won't shoot the smaller bucks.

    If my son and brother both shoot a good buck thats all of the meat we would need for the year. I then would not shoot anything unless it was 150+.

    If we haven't been able to take any good bucks we will shoot a couple of does on the last day of muzzleloader season for the yearly meat supply.

    This year was a good example. My brother shot a 3-1/2 year old buck on Tuesday of gun season that had it's left front leg nearly shot in two at the elbow. He travels in from Colorado to hunt with me each year to hunt for mature bucks. Had this deer not already been very badly wounded he would not have shot this deer. One for the freezer. My son misses the biggest buck he has ever seen on Friday of Muzzleloader and then takes doe on Saturday evening, the last day he can hunt. Two for the freezer. I hunt Sunday and Monday of Muzzleloader knowing that I won't shoot anything unless it really big, we don't need anymore meat.

    I've killed enough deer in my life that I much prefer that my family do most of the killing. I just love being out there watching it all happen.

    We passed on a lot of nice bucks this year, next year should be great if they hang around the area.

    I'm posting a picture today of the buck my brother took this year in the picture gallery.

  15. tactics

    I am a bit of both. I don't need the meat, but enjoy it, so I tend to be selective. I also hunt for others that have a specific need and are financially struggling. Deer are usually low cost to process.

    As for early season tactics, I agree with most of you about old sign being just that and thickets. I like to first setup where I can see buck movement, then tend to get closer to where I think an ambush will happen. I base a lot of instinct and it seems to have not failed me yet.

    However, I would like to pose a question.

    How do you scout during the hunting season?

    I am usually a weekend hunter so finding sign maybe 5-7 days old. I also am a stand hunter because I am fearful of walking around because of the shifting of patterns due to my interference. I am also not the best still hunter, in which I would love tactics of how to be better.

    I would cherish any advice.
  16. old sign

    Even though old sign is just that...old, I do find that hunting around sign in general leaves good chances. My thought is this...
    If deer were in that area, the chances of them coming back around are good. They left sign there for a reason. Now, I am not saying to hunt there all the time, but if other factors prevent from moving somewhere else, it could still pay off.

    I have had many bucks come back to previously-signed areas to either make new sign or just pass through.
  17. Trophy E Hunter, I am a weekend hunter aswell. But i can usually scout one morning or eve. during the week for atleast an hour or so. I can also usually hunt Friday eve and all day Sat. In PA. and MD. and since No hunting is permitted on Sundays here either I spend all day Sunday in the woods scouting and try to get out like Wed. eve or Thurs. morning to scout.. In season scouting is a necesary evil. Come bow season I know were there bedding area's are and try to avoid them but sometimes you stumble upon a bedded buck, which is actually a plus, If you just bump him and then do not persue him. I act Like I could care less when I kick one up and noisly walk in the opposite direction as the buck exited the area. I then quicky try to determine how the buck exit's or enters his bedding in the AM or PM. and then get out of the area. I then wait 2 or 3 days and start hunting him. I have shot 2 real good bucks by bumping them and then setting up on them and I also put a friend on a third. All 3 were shot the first time we set up on them. The key to inseason scouting is to take the same scent precautions as you do when hunting, Knee high rubber boots, and I also were rubber gloves .If you bump a buck once he will return to that bedding area if you do not persue him once you bump him.

    OLD HAT, I treat territorial scrapes and rubs the same. For example if I find a couple of fresh territorial scrapes in the same area as a couple week old rubs, I will still hunt the area, I follow this same stradegy from the first day of the season, thru the searching phase, Now once the chasing begins I will only hunt breeding scrapes, If the scrape does not have a licking branch I do not hunt over it. To me it seems a buck will continue on his summer pattern no longer than Oct. 10th , Some might stop Oct. 5th and some might stop Oct.13th but I count on every buck to leave there summer feeding patterns by Oct 10th. The majority of bucks will become almost completely Nocturnal at this point, Many hunters think this is because of hunting preasure but mature bucks will become nocturnal even without the presance of hunters. The reason for this is the same reason as of why the bucks antlers stop growing and then shed their velvet, It has to do with the amount of light in the day. Once the bucks start shedding their velvet their body is producing testostrone and hormones, the shorter the days become the more their bodies produce, the more they produce the more nocturnal they become, This leads them in to the next phase which is the Oct. Lull, which is the toughest time to hunt mature buck's, it usually last until about the 23rd of OCT. The only chance of harvesting a buck during the Lull is either to get real lucky, or move and hunt closer to the bedding area's both in the morning and eve. but as you know this gets tricky and risky. Now my favorite time to hunt mature bucks is the day after we turn the clocks back around the 26th of Oct. thru the 2nd or 3rd of Nov. If you find fresh sign during this time and set up on it a day or 2 later, your chances are pretty good that you will see what made the sign, The rut as you know is also an awesome time to hunt but the buck that made the sign could be 3 mile away courting a lady or searching the local Walmart parking lot for doe's . Pike
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  18. T HAT depends on what some call a trophy.For instance someone like the Wensels might smirk at what we are calling trophies.I like big deer and am Very particular and selective at what I will shoot.I have turned down p&y animal because Ididn't like something about the rack.I need an upper class p&y and it needs to have very good symetrictics.I do not call myself a trophy hunter.I just don't like the sound of it.
  19. I am a meat hunter scouting for Alpha Bucks simply because I save them for my clients :D

    That is easy to do if you have a tree stand that is very easy to set-up. You can hunt a style I call outside inside which means hunt an area where you can see into several other areas. I like to hunt staging areas early in the season either near bedding areas or food sources. By not moving right in an area and hunting from a distance I can now watch deer movement and plan from what I see or plan for lack of not seeing...
    Early in the season you can rattle bucks into range if you just make a tic tic like bucks do when they are sparing with gentle clicking of their tines. Their not ready to show who is dominant yet but will still come in to light rattling sessions. I also like to make my own mock scrapes and rubs with licking branches to establish when and where bucks are becoming active and to place them where I want them not the other way around... I never ever hunt the same area for more then 2 days after I have established some type of pattern and always play the wind... :eek:
  20. I'm a meat hunter, but if a nice buck comes along. Well , got meat and a head on the wall.;)
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