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Maumee River Walleye

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Hi All;

Most of my fishing is salmon fishing in NE lower Michigan. Lots of the regulars are from Toledo (Tim). But someone on another list was talking about walleye fishing in the Maumee River and boy that sounds like a lot of fun.

Can someone advise me on the best methods, equipment, time of day, ect.? Also, what are my options for a non-resident license?

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I have fished the Maumee run for a lot of years now. The best site for up-to-date info is www.maumeetackle.net . He usually updates every day during the run. He may also have license fees as well.

I use carolina rigged floating jigs-they seem to be the most popular and effective method. You can either wade or take a small boat. My advise-take a boat if you have one. Much less crowded.

One other IMPORTANT piece of advise. Be VERY familiar with the laws this time of year. Fishing times, hook sizes, and most important, do NOT keep any snagged fish. DNR agents are everywhere, and they are undercover, and also on the watch with spotting scopes. If in doubt, throw it back. Or pay $90 per snagged fish. Just keep it on the up-in-up and you'll have fun. Good luck.
I use to fish the walleye run in the Maumee quite often. I quit going because of all the intentional snagging and keeping of walleye that goes on there. You would not believe it. I saw the same guys week after week up there standing in the same spot snagging and keeping fish. I got totally disgusted and quit going!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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