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Maumee river perrysbug

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio fishing report' started by Beagle616, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Took the girlfriend fishing yesterday water was a little low i caught a few smallmouth 8-10 inches and a descent size channal on a joes flies inline( my new fav lure) check them out bass pro sells them. The gf landed a 17'' smallie on a rebel craw she was excited
  2. Sounds fun I need to take a day and take my kids down to the river just catch whatever is biting. Between the heat and my son breaking his arm this summer I have not been out much at all.

  3. No pics left the phone in the car sorry didnt want to take the chance of getting it wet
  4. Oh well, you guys had a great time and thats what matters the most...