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maumee fishing this week.

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by crappielooker, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. im planning on fishing the maumee this week on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday..i hope the weather will cooperates. .. see you out there..
  2. Best of luck to you. I will just be working:(

  3. If she would get a lil' flow maybe the N Pike will move up & provide some mid-winter thrills :eek: Both Independence & GR Dams, maybe even a Muskie!

    They have made my day a few times in years past for sure!:)
  4. northern pike in Maumee river??:confused: i wonder how that would feel on my 6lbs test..:)
  5. crappie,

    lots of pike in the river, and 6 will do ok, now that 5'5" rod might not help matters, we'll check out the warm water outlet if i make it out tomorrow.

  6. im game for the warm water discharge..actually.. what im lookin for is a sign of baitfish.once we find them.. we will be in u have exams tomorrow??or thursday?? i will be out there both days.. let me know..
  7. one other Tidbit on Maumee Pike

    The Beaver Creek dumps in a mile or so below GR Dam & when the conditions are right a few sometimes run up it & then crank into the Jackson cut-off & will be found below the Dam for the Weston water treatment plant. It was about 3 miles from my Dad's home & he has even took a few Kings & 1 Brown from the Weston Dam ~ it is a very small area & ya have to hit it right after the high water goes down & before they leave or get fished out.

    Just thought I'd pass on a lil' Info,
  8. Ray, Is there anything you dont know?????
  9. Ya ~

    .. My real name & that if you've lived to fish your whole life your gonna leave a trail of Ex-Wives, Ex-Wheels & Ex-Homes behind!!! :eek: :rolleyes:

  10. Lol thats funny, replied to your post on GFO, about thrashing the lund!!
  11. crappielooker ...

    Did you have a chance to wet a line this week? If so, how did it go??


    Us old farts luv fishin' reports :)
  12. and cowboy went and gave it a try.. no luck.. the ice was still there on wednesday.. me and him can literally walk on it.. im thinking about coming your way to icin' it out.. im a lightweight..i dont need that much ice to fish on..:D :D ..hows the fishin from yer end?? .. us young'uns luvs reports too..
  13. Maumee Fishing

    If you want some great fishing try up at Grandrapids dam.there are some great holes at the bottom of the dam.You can catch Walleyes,Crappie,Smallmouth Bass,Steelhead in the holes and maybe a Salmon.The river is way up right now.there is a Island in the middle of the River and there is Holes on both sides of the Island .You have to be real Careful as these holes are rock shelves that drop right off to about 6 to 8 ft deep.
  14. Bayshore Power Plant. is producing a few Eyes and a couple steelhead. ;)
  15. marcbodi ...

    Those GR dam holes provided us kids with both fish & swimim' fun when grownin' up. That's when the farm work was done, we'd jump on our bikes & spend our "Lazy Hazy Days" of summer there .. Good memories!:)

  16. from one ol' fart to another

    :D :D :D been there,done that.i think we're runnin' neck & neck in all departments bro ray:eek: :D ;)