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I went to Maumee Bay State Park in Oregon, OH, this morning, which is roughly about 10-15 miles east of the city of Toledo. I got there about 8:15AM and cast out soon there after armed with nightcrawlers and waxworms. I brought four poles with me and all got some use for better or worse. At various times in the day, and I changed up accordingly and frequently looking for a good mix and match (FYI Michiganders: Ohio law is only two poles :( But, oh well). I used two poles with nightcrawlers off the bottom, but never at the same time. One was a medium action, and the other was heavy action and the only one to get any bites was the heavy action, and that only happened once. So it was basically light tackle day at The Bay. I used my ultra light more often then not, using waxworms which yielded me several bites and four white bass. None really big but decent enough sized for a sandwich or two. They ranged from 5-8" long. With my pole using a bobber I used a nightcrawler with limited nibbles, and a dead minnow I saw floating by I used to catch a nice hand sized black crappie. What can I say other then I'm frugal like that. I ended up calling it a day about 12:30PM but not without fish to take home. The day started out pretty cloudy but eventually the sun did show up for a mostly sunny day with a high into the 70s. The winds were for the most part light from the South and Southwest, and the light breezes did feel nice.
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