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Manditory Hunter Orange for Bowhunters.

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by flathunter, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. I just heard from a source fairly close to the Dnr, and he told me they want to make it the law where you have to where Orange for Bowhunting deer...Said they want it to be in effect for the 2003 or 2004 Bowseason...If this is true, I dont think it is needed.
  2. I don't think it's needed. But you all know everytime some dumbass screws up and people complain these laws get passed.:rolleyes:

  3. i think the odnr is gettin a little carried away with some of the stuff there doin.hunter orange while bowhuntin that is stupid.just like desperado said some idiot does somethin dumb and every one pays for it.i mean i have heard stories of gun hunters gettin shot while wearin hunter hunter orange aint the answer.

    I have heard the same thing and It will happen. Just too many slobs out there.
  5. I think these slobs out there , when caught doing something stupid should take hunter safty over until they pass with a 100%. Also give up there weapons for a year. Like grounding the children.:) But it will never happen they feel we all should pay for there screw ups.
  6. I heard something about this. What I heard was that the DNR was wanting to make us bowhunters where orange when going to and coming from our stands. Once you are in your stand you can take off your vest. Not sure if this is true or not, just what I heard at a gun shop, and you guys know about stuff you hear at gun shops. :D
  7. I hope this doesnt happen, because it will make me spend even MORE money on clothing. I also don't think it is needed. This is another case that is a result of the irresponsible hunters. If anyone hears that this law HAS been passed and will go into effect, let us know, please.
  8. Well I now wear a orange vest and hat into and out of my stand during bow season. I hope that we will be able to take it off once we are situated in our stand.

    Currently it is my choice. Too many less experienced buck crazed hunters trespassing. I would rather be safe.

    It may have saved the guy in hocking county....I dont think it would have saved the kid in mcconnelsville.

    Lets face it the woods even in archery season is getting crowded. Lets face it if we have 100,000 archers in the woods and say 10 percent are slob hunters that is 10,000 idiots with razor sharp pointy things to stick in the next living thing to come down the trail. even if it were only one percent that is 1,000 idiots. that is a lot of fools.

    Even if the state doesnt mandate it I would recommend at least a hunter orange hat and glove into and out of the stand. We are ultimately responsible for ourselves.
  9. LMAO

    Basementdweller I wish I could be optimistic as you.IMO its pushing 40%
  10. Hunter orange does not work before or after shooting light fades, therefore it would have been of no use to Cary Jenkins, the man shot in Hocking county. I am a firm believer that you cannot legislate away stupidity, I hope we dont wind up with another game law designed to counteract stupidity, it just doesnt work
  11. I was just wondering if anyone knows if this is in effect in any other states because i cant think of any off hand? I agree though that it wont solve stupidity. People just dont think.
  12. again here is a thread that is based on "I heard a freind said..."Contact the ODNR.
  13. George, this "friend" is a Wildlife officer for the ODNR He could have been pulling my leg I dont know...I have been trying to get him to join this forum to answer questions, but so far he has not signed up.
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  14. So what does this do to stillhunters? Deer may not see color, but they sure see contrast. People who shoot at noise aren't going to see the orange. People who shoot at noise are going to screw up, regardless. I wish there was a way to impress upon the idiots about the first rule of hunting. POSITIVELY IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET BEFORE SHOOTING!!:mad:
  15. George -- I was thinking the same as you, the E-mail was sent last night. I will post the reply here, if I get one.

    When ever I hear about a bowhunter shooting another bowhunter, the very first thing that crosses my mind is.
    How could this happen.

    You only have a target the size of a dinner plate, a 10 inch circle on the side of a deer that is going to be a lethal shot.

    I don't know, maybe it's just me. But I always thought a hunter wanted to kill his game, not wound it and have it run off and die a week or so later.
  16. Not that I'm announcing any criminal intent but, If the "powers that be" in Columbus inact manditory orange during regular archery season this guy will be breaking that law! Shortsighted and uninformed lawmakers should be replaced!
  17. The only time i wear orange while bowhunting is when Im walking or stalking I wear a orange Hat.....There are alot of hunters out there that shoot at anything that moves...They need to take there time and make sure it isnt a fellow hunter...That reminds me of hearing about that guy that shot his son with a crossbow earlier this year....God that was horrible!!!
  18. Bill, glad I don't "hunt" where you do! True tho, fools abound!!! "An ounce of prevention" may be worth the trouble.
  19. I wont be wearing blaze orange bowhunting.
  20. There is just something weird about wearing hunter orange while bowhunting. If a law is passed that I have to wear it I will, although I will complain every time I put it on. I took my 61/2 year old out a couple times this year with me and even took him to his first deer camp. I made him wear orange every time out.