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Makers of muskie lures and tackle.

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by vc1111, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. Anyone else out there tinker with making their own bucktails and bucktail spinnerbaits, jerk baits, etc?
  2. Striper Lures

    I make a variety of bucktails for them, also spoons & alterations of topwater baits. I upgrade the hooks to 3/0 and remove the front hook. Then I add birdshot to get it up to 2-3 oz. Pretty cool to see a striper take your topwater bait 100 yards out !
    Here's a 2 1/2 oz bucktail I like for the stripers, I like it because they like it !!
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  3. vc1111,

    You could say I am an avid musky fisherman when bow season is not in. I have tinkered around with making musky lures but not seriously.

    If you are interested in learning how to do it you can come to my musky club meeting next month. I belong to Muskies Inc. Central Ohio Chapter. We are having a seminar on making and painting your own musky lures next month. One of the guys doing the presentation is president of a tackle company and we also have some members that are quite good and will be giving tips.

    The meeting will be at the Rush Creek sports bar and grill in Columbus, on the second tuesday of January.
  4. Thanks, Arrow. I appreciate the info. I'd have to check my schedule.

    Here's a few that I made.


    I fish 2 or 3 different reservoir and the local river. The river eats a lot of my lures, so I make up more every winter when there isn't much else to do.

    Sounds like you're pretty serious if you are in Muskies, Inc.

    I know a few of the local guys that are in it. They have a great outfit. I fish on West Branch quite a bit and they have tournaments there from time to time.

    I try not to even get started on musky fishing till mid to late summer though. That stuff gets in your head and its the only species you want to fish for! I do enjoy it though.
  5. Nice paint job on the spoons. I would be interested to know if you catch muskys on those spoons. The guys that I know that fish for muskys never or rarely even use spoons for muskys.
  6. Where is the Rush Creek sports bar and grill ? I would like to come over and learn to make muskie lures.
  7. The Central Ohio Chapter of Muskies Inc. Holds their monthly meetings at the Rush Creek Bar & Grille, 6150 Sunbury Rd., Westerville, Ohio. The nearest intersection to this would be Sunbury Rd. and S.R. 161 ( Dublin Granville Rd.) Meetings are held the second tuesday of the month at 7:00 P.M.. Guests are welcome.

    If you are interested in coming it would be wise to arrive a little early if you want a place to sit. Most of our meetings pack the house. Meetings are held upstairs on the second floor.

    Last month we had a rep from Lowrance Electronics there to give a presentation and answer questions.
  8. Arrow, I am near the Mahoning River, and the spoons work very well in the river. The river turns on for musky very early around the 4th week of Feb or the first few weeks of March.

    The river is the only place I've fished for musky where the spoons work, but they are one of my "go to" baits there. I've got a bunch using them.

    I repaint old daredevils that I find at garage sales. I use and expoxy base (a 2 part mix) and then paint them with ordinary vinyl paints, followed by and expoxy clear coat. Very good stuff for the base coat and clear coat. The expoxy is very tough and will not chip or crack from the heat of the sun.

    Swede, very nice work. I am impressed.
  9. VC, Very interesting about the river muskys. Are there northerns in that river too. What body of water does the Mahoning River feed? I was wondering if those are stocked fish or some rare natural reproducers. Ohio does have a few rivers and creeks where muskys do reproduce naturally.
  10. Yes, there are Northerns, smallies, largemouth, walleye, crappie, perch, carp, channel cats, and flatheads.

    The river feeds Berlin Lake, and Lake Milton in northeastern Ohio.

    The muskies do reproduce naturally in the river. They are concentrated near a small overflow, a small dam really, in the early spring. They follow the upstream migration of the spawning walleyes.

    It is kinda nice because there is not much else to do that time of year, except late steelhead, and sometimes I am not up to the drive clear up the estuaries of Lake Erie. Always love a chance at a musky.

    I also fish Leesville quite a bit. I have a particular bucktail spinnerbait that works very well in the warm water season at Leesville.
  11. Nice lures vc1111.
  12. You guys are great !

    That's all some beautiful tackle. Swede , I had no idea you were such an artist.
  13. Hey Buckeye Tom, you need to get involved in this thread you are Ohio's top Creek muskie angler

    Here is Tom releasing a muskie

  14. Hey Jack---INVOLVED,lol...

    You know if it says muskie I'm reading,lol! Good deal on the lures. Interesting on the river muskies up there! Never made or painted any muskie lures. I'm interested in trying out the Juggernaut lures that a nice fellow in Ravenswood, WV. is making!

    To my defense Jack---You are the only one that say's I'm the "Top Creek Muskie Angler in Ohio",lol. Muskies are tough, regardless how much you know about em!;)

    Good fishing all! -Tom-
  15. I have never caught a Muskie, but I hope to change that in the spring. Any advice on Muskie fishing in soutwest Ohio would be greatly appreciated! I made some topwater lures last winter, and will be making some more this year. Thinking about making a few for Muskie.
  16. Roosterfish-

    Good luck on the SW Ohio muskies. Not familiar with any of that water, but I'd guess that Cowan Lake and Ceasar Creek Lake and the water that spills out of em would be a start.

    Topwater--caught one last year on a topraider-loon colored(Joe Buchers line)/very exciting!

    Let us know when you get that first muskie!

    P.S. Heard of a muskie or two coming from the GMR, Ohio Brush Creek, Licking River(KY side), and Jim aka MrfishOhio knows of a Indiana Creek that held the state record at one time(I'm thinking WhiteOak?).
  17. Here's a newer pattern for a muskie/pike spinnerbait that I'm working on. I'm trying that "crystal flash" stuff for the skirt for the first time.

  18. Roosterfish--- Not WhiteOak, but Whitewater,lol. Just saw the post in GFO that clarified that! Jim/MrFishOhio has posted pics of the former Indiana St. Record on GFO before.

    VC1111--- Great looking colors man! That spinner bait would catch a muskie for sure! When it's warmer and I'm in very snag infested water I'll switch up to a V-spinner. Normally I'll catch em on sale at Walmart. 1/2 Oz. bass variety, but I'll take a trailer hook and a grub/leach/worm and add some weight. A muskie destroys one of em, but for $1.00-$1.50 it works out. I'm a big fan of white. You ever need a field tester or you decide to sell a couple let me know!
  19. BuckeyeTom, the snag-infested areas are sort of what caused me to start making my own baits. I use these v-type spinners with a variety of different blades so that I can change the speed and flash according to water conditions. I build them with a quality ball-bearing snap swivel so I can change blades configurations and colors depending on water conditions, the fishes mood, (or my mood. lol)

    The method that seems to work the best for me, is to use a #5 colorado blade and pull the bait sloooowly over the tops of the weeds and the weed edges.

    Of course throwing bucktails of any type seems to work much better on some lakes than it does on others. I fish West Branch too and they do not seem to work very well there. I have caught muskies on a homemade bucktail there...a very small inline bucktail with silver body and silver blade. I made the bait, but I'm sure you could buy one like it about anywhere. I'm talking about a bait that you might use for bass or even trout.

    I'll put you on my field tester list.:) I don't sell the baits, but I do give them away to friends. I have patterns that simply do not produce on my waters, yet others tell me that they have success with them in Canada and elsewhere.

    Orange/Black combos for example do not seem to produce for me and guys tell me that's the killer color in certain parts of Canada, so who knows.

    Muskies are just picky enough to drive you nuts...and empty you wallet!:D

    It's almost like tobacco....once you get started, you regret it, but you can't seem to quit!