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Mad river 12-17

Discussion in 'Fly Tying / Fly Fishing' started by mattgmann, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. I fished the mad today for a few hours. Got up late, didn't make it to the water till almost noon. Fished till about 400, when the rain really came, and I lost my glove. Air temp about 40, coudy all day with light rain on and off. The water is up a bit, but very clear. I fished downstream of rt 36 all day. Started nymphing for a bit, but had no luck, so went back to the truck and got my streamer rod. I caught 5 nice fish, all over 12". The largest was just shy of 19". There were smaller trout actively feeding on midges, but I didn't target them. I threw alot of large streamers, size 2-8. Olive super bugger variation was the most productive today, but I don't think it really mattered; they were just hitting on instinct. All the fish were very spread out. I covered alot of water, and only fished each hole a few minutes, and search casted all the water between the holes. Two of the fish came in open shallow runs, the others were strategicly positioned in good holes. I think the warm temperatures helped me out. I normally only expect to catch one or two fish when I aggressively chunk streamers in the winter. The largest fish came in a very small run where I could visibly see warmer water entering the river, I hope he's still there next time. Sorry, no pics.. My digital camera took a swim in the mad a few weeks ago:(

    I'm eager to see everyone elses fishing reports. I'm also glad to be able to post the first good report. Believe me, you'll hear about all my skunkings too.

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