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Lowrance battery replacement

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Doctor, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. Just got an e-mail from Lowrance, my unit will be 10 years old next year so I sent them an e-mail to get a cost of replacement of the 10 year Lithuim battery used to keep all the waypoints and my critical information in check.

    $249.95 cents to replace the battery in the thing, it may be time for the Doctor to upgrade next year, hate to part with the unit as it has been a great one............Doc
  2. That's too bad

    I know you love that thing. I don't think the new ones can do what you can with the 350. We can't do that double image trick with mine. I can get 2 bottoms, but I don't show the fish the same-NONE of them have greyline when I do that. Also I can't see fish under fast speed either. I was wondering if maybe I need to tilt it (transducer) forward more. It might help. I guess you just have to come down for a day in the boat & show me !! Jim;)

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