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Low cost carp rods

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Flatheadmaniac, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. I know most guys know about the Cabelas Euro style rods like the Predator rods in both spinning and casting models.
    All 3 are 11ft long , the spinning is available in 1 3/4 & 2 1/4 lb test curves and the casting model is available in 1 3/4 lb test curve.
    There is also another choice for those who want to keep the cost at a minimum, also sells a few low cost carp rods too.
    A Pioneer carp rod in 12ft. 3.00 lb TC for $65 & an 11ft. 2 1/2 lb TC for $60.
    Also for those who dont have the space to transport long two pc. rods they offer a Carp Strike Rod in 12ft. 3pc. rated up to 2.50 oz. for $55.
    Just though that a few of the guys that are thinking of getting into the "Golden " fun and dont want to spend lots of bucks should know there are options out there for starters.
    See ya on the bank,
  2. Also you can go to Walltucky and get a Catfish Special med. rod about 9 ft, long , 2 piece for about 24.99. Will do the job for a cheap carp rod.;)

  3. LMAO...

    Yea i guess that is true too..i guess there sure are a lot of "cheaper" options out there if someone wants to go that route indeed..but i would'nt trust them for lots fishing as i dont think they will last for many years and dont think they'd handle really big tough carp 20lbs and over.
    Really when you think about it even very good 100% full carbon UK carp rods dont cost that much..wackerbaits sells the Fox brand and thier lower range of carp rods, the Rangemaster II's sell for around $120 compared to thier top end rods that will run you just shy of $300.
    I like the UK full carbon rods as they are much lighter, stronger and are really skinny compared to our out of date graphite rods here in the states....cant wait til our tackle companys wake up and get with the times and go to carbon also;) :D
    Heck over there a basic beginer carp rod is made of

    The coolest all around carp rod ive ever seen was a Century MKII twin comes with two top sections like a 2 1/2 & a 3 1/2 lb TC so you can use one rod for many types of waters and applications..instead of buying two seperate rods.
  4. Hey FM.......what do you mean by test curve? This has thrown me off when I look through my UK catalogs?

    Also, I was looking at some rods on one of the sites you told me about. They had some tica rods that appeared to have some choice components, looked also for big game spinning gear with one rated up to 50lb. line. I've heard tica makes a good reel, what about the rods? I'm still looking for a good rod for my 975 and 6500's.
  5. A good carp rod seems to be a difficult thing to find in the US. For the occasional carpers or those who like to use lighter gear it's not too tough to find something. But when you need something with enough backbone to cast in excess of 3 or 4 oz, long enough to cast long distances, durable enough to withstand many fish and many hours of fishing, yet flexible enough in the tip to be forgiving when fighting a fish near the bank, you've pretty much limited yourself to rods specifically made for this purpose. I've found that some of the lighter action surf casting rods can do the job, but even those can be tough to find.

    Also, I think test curve refers to how much weight it takes to bend a rod to a certain angle (I can't remember the exact specifications, and what I just said could even be completely wrong :D ).
  6. You are pretty close CW .. the test cure refers to the amout of weight it takes to get the tip 90 degrees with the butt.. I believe they are clamped in an upright position .. tip pointing straight up then weight is attached until the tip bows to straight to the floor that is the test curve as I understand it.:D :D :D :D
  7. That's right, I knew it was something like that, just couldn't remember the wording:) .
  8. Great post CW

    And i totally agree..good rods used for all around carp fishing are very hard to find, unless you buy UK built rods. Which really only makes sence since they are built by manufactures that deal mostly with carp tackle and know from experience and testing what works best.
    Most US rods will certainly work, but most of the time its hard to find the right balance between length, rated sinker weights and line weight in the one you prefer.
    Most long surf rods will work, but they are to stiff, the wrong actions and are usually rated for heavier weights...or on the other hand, most long rods are too light because they are made for salmon/steelhead fishing.

    TEST CURVE(TC)=The test curve is expressed in pounds and is the amount of weight required to bend the tip through ninety degrees.

    So CW you were right on the money;)
    Basically a 3lb TC rod is rated to cast 3oz of weight
    a 2 1/2 TC rod is rated for 2.5oz, and so on.

    BB i cant help ya with TICA rods..i only know of a few that use thier reels, so far the reels get a thumbs up.

    If you are looking for a long UK rod for cat fishing..i would say if its for bigger cats like Ohio r. flatheads, ect. then go with a 12 or 13ft 4.0 - 6.0 lb TC rod like they use for Wels catfish..also you can find those TC in carping "spod rods" like Fox sells.
    For channel cats and smaller flatheads, then 12 - 13ft rod rated at 2 1/2 - 3 lb TC will work great.
  9. call me el cheapo butt i have taken 8# plus bass.on old cheap outfit i found in a dumpster! and i have taken p&y deer on secondhand bows i got at yardsales for 10$.as long as i got decent fishing string and a light drag,i can land any feesh on any old cheap rod an reel,including shark and king mackeral on medium wt. cheap tackle and 80# line,heh heh.and to top it off i still be using this cheap stuff today.heh heh
  10. Thats what i'm talking about. Use what you have and it's not what you paid for it(Some seem to think so) It's how you use it and take care of it.;)
  11. "To each is own"

    Hey Desperado..thats two times now ive seen shots takin..are'nt you suposed to be a MODERATOR..?
    Maybe its because your still confused that bow fishing..IS NOT fishing and is'nt even a sport??:eek: :confused: :p
  12. sport is a poor choice of word for hunting,fishing,bowfishing(using a bow to catch fish).recreational fishing,recreational hunting is a much better choice of word.the public responds much more favorably to recreational than save our passion little word changes like this can go a long way.
  13. Scott,
    I was not taking shots at no one. Some people do feel that way and all I was doing was pointing it out. I was making a statement and you seem to think that everyone is talking about you. Knock it off. The world doesn't go around you. You seem to get upset when things don't go your way. Please be respectful of others and stop starting arguements. I like to bowfish and you don't like it, fine get over it. We get the point. Let's move on.
  14. LMAO...

    Ok desperado, whatever you say man..your the moderator, so whatever you say!:rolleyes:
  15. low cost carp rods!!

    Just to let you all know i got my 13ft Fox Rangemaster II's and matched them with two Okuma Epxior EB50's..i like this set up so well im thinking about buying a pair of 12ft Rangemasters and buying two Okuma Epixor EB 65's.
    That way i can put the EB65's on the 13ft rods for the ohio river carp & cats and the EB50's on the 12ft rods for lake carpin.

    At $126 a pcs. for the 100% full carbon rods you cant beat that price at all compared to equal rods made in the USA..oh wait, thats right there are no rods made in the USA that compare to these carbon carp rods..ooops sorry!:rolleyes: :D :cool:
  16. It'll be another 5 years before someone in the US jumps on the carbon idea:rolleyes: :p
  17. Just got my Pioneer 12 ft, 3lb TC from Wackerbaits. Was going to get the nicer Barrington model, but they were running a sale on the Pioneer, so I couldn't pass it up ($48). Cosmetically, it leaves a lot to be desired, as the finish isn't all that great and they were a little sloppy with some of the paint and adhesives. The blanks aren't nearly as thin as on the higher-end rods, but it has a decent feel to it and has a nice soft tip. Can't wait for it to warm up so I can try it out. As long as there aren't any durability issues, the rod will work great for what I need and definitely fits within my budget, and is an improvement from what I already have.
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