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Lots of new lines on the market!

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Flatheadmaniac, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. Anyone going to give some of them a shot this year?
    I dont use regular mono much, but when i do i prefer Berkley Big Game and Big Game Supreme in 20-30lb tests(mostly Ohio R. fishing).
    I have been researching this new line by Stren called Magnaflex, its a mono thats suposed to be like 24% stronger and more abrasion resistant than Berkley XT, XL and Big Game lines???(so they say?) I HATE Stren lines and have always thought they were junk, i might try this one and see how i like it though?

    Also looks like there are a ton of new "super lines" on the market..i still dont like these type of lines because of the ZERO stretch and very poor abrasion resistance they have. I have had so many problems in the past with Fireline and Spiderwire when they first came out and i first tried them, i lost lots of fish because of breaking the line on the hook set(i dont set the hook like a girl;) ) the ONLY good use i have found for them is for hook links on my carp rigs, thats it!
  2. I have got some good reviews of Iron Slik. I think that I will give it a try. I still have not go any reviews about TUF Line XP (I'm looking for a Whiplash replacement for surf casting).

  3. I will stick with Trilene Big Game for most of my fishing, it has never given me a reason to change.
  4. I'm going to stay with the Big game lines and Power pro lines. Seems to do the job.
  5. I will stick with my Fireline, it performs well enough for me.
  6. The only braid I use is Power Pro. I have tried Stren, last season and I'll never use it again. Silver Thread has never let me down and have had almost no twists, none at all when I change on a consistant basis.

    This year I might try the Cajun line and Jinkai line. I just have bad memories of what happened last time I left the Silver Thread at home:mad: :eek: :eek:
  7. I like silver thread and offshore angler line, although I've got a spool of iron silk on a pole right now, I haven't fished it yet but it cast great and ties good knots.
  8. How do you like that Offshore line? The price looks good. 1700+ yards of 8lb. line for $4.99........can't beat that!
  9. I get the offshore angler extreme in the bright yellow, 30lb test, and it's a great copolymer for the price, I've landed many nice flats and channels on it. It ties good knots and is abrasion resitant as I fish it alot in the tailwaters on the Ohio River.
  10. Do you guys think line color makes a big difference? I can't seem to bring my self to use green, orange or yellow lines. I have heard, that for clear water pink line disappears or is less visible.

    The smoke color, like Yo-Zuri or G-line seems okay.
  11. Years ago the only line I would use was ande, in green color..I caught a lot of fish on that line, bass and cats!
  12. Good replys guys

    BB, i have heard a lot about line color..but that for mostly for BASS fishing, cause they are more sight aware of things like that.
    I too prefer the darker colors for most of my fishing..also prefer Co-polymer lines over mono, i used to use that Excalibur line and loved it a lot..only when i found a better line like G-power did i change(plus the G-power smoke color blends very well even in clear water, which i fish a lot for bass)..if it wasnt for that i'd still be using excalibur now!
    I dont think bright lines are needed unless you have bad eye sight, or are a hard core line watcher, or use a black light for night fishing, but thats just if we are talking they dont care if its neon orange..they will take a bait fished on a cloths line man!! They mostly go by scent rather that sight to feed!