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My hunt started off bad but I played my cards and it all worked out.I roosted two twos last night.Go in this morning and set up about 100 yards away from them.They were gobbling on their own at crows so I kept quiet untill I was set up.Right after I set down and get ready there are more gobbles,but this time they are 10 yards in front of me in the trees.Others birds had roosted and I never new they were there.Needless to say my plans changed fast.They few out and scattered.There had to be a dozen more birds in the trees.I backed out around 100 yards and sat quietly for about a half hour.Finnally a hen started yelping,so I started a calling war between us.Soon I spotted a tom comming across the field in my direction.He would gobble at anything I did.Once he came within 100 yards I just shut up and raked a few leaves with my hand.No longer than a minute had past and he was in front of me looking for the hen,but all he found was a load of federal 6's.22 lb,inch spurs and 9 3/4 beard.The birds seam to be heavy this year for as long as they have been breeding.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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