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Lots of anger here.......

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Basementdweller, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. the traditional archery guys hate the compound guys.....who hate the xbow guys who hate the slug gun guys who hate the smokepole guys.

    Just remember PETA and most of america dont hunt and dont like hunting in general. The only exception is the homeless and soup kitchens that benifit from the free deer meat.

    Shut up and hunt.
  2. Well said ,Whatever you are using to pursue your game just go out and have fun.Good time and good memories

  3. I must have missed a few threads. I thought all the anger was on bowsite. 8*)

  4. I agree and must apologize.

    Banning together for our rights as hunters is the most important reason. I have brushed my slate clean from all the negativity.

    Hunt hard, hunt safe, have fun!!!
  5. Hunters need to UNITE not FIGHT!!:D
  6. I think that there are only a few who hate so to make the statement that the traditional guys hate the compound guys etc. is way off base. I agree that no one should belittle someone who is participating within the law, but we certainly need to discuss our differences.

    Through discourse and even disagreement we can help to understand where the other guy is coming from. It is the personal attacks we need to do away with. Just because someone has an opinion that is different from yours does not mean either is wrong.
  7. i have slammed xbow hunters,and spoked negative about them.
    we all are out there to enjoy the same rights and experience the great out doors. when it comes down to it , we all are one, one with the great out doors. WE ALL ARE ONE GREAT BIG FAMILY!!!
  8. I agree! I have read numerous arguments between crossbow hunters and compound hunters. The real enemy is PETA, you are right. However, I am still not going to hunt gun season for safety reasons only. I don't have anything against you guys, but those crazy guys in the woods I don't trust!
  9. Yes lets hunt & injoy what we like to do. WE need to share hunting storys. We need to tell stories of all are hunts no matter what we hunt with. The anti-hunters like to see us fight among our selves. I say bully to them, lets stand together for what we like to do. WE can fight with the anti-hunters. Some one needs to start a thread of hunting storys. Hunt be happy!!!!:)
  10. I hunt with 3 of the 5 weapons metioned at the top (compound, slug gun & smokepole) and I've just got one thing to say to you all.

    "I LOVE YOU MAN":p
  11. :confused:

    I prefer traditional, but hunt with a compound. I hate myself.
  12. happy as a clam here!!!!!!:D
  13. Chuck I feel your pain. I prefer to hunt but have to watch the kids because of the wifes work schedule.

    I just cannot get out as much as I used too. I could get a babysitter but if I do what is the point of her working. Oh well Looks like I will end the season with only the buck I shot opening day
  14. My gun hates ME for putting all the blame on it everytime I miss?
  15. The day I slam someone because of the type of equipment they use is the day I start taking prozac to calm down:D :D :D I don't care if someone uses a bazooka to hunt with as long as its legal and he watches where he points that freakin thing:D :D :D :D :D It don't matter what you hunt with as long as its legal .. after all everyone hunts for enjoyment, why not let someone enjoy their sport the way they want to:cool: :cool:
  16. BD There is a big difference between" hating the guys" that use the equip. than just "hating the equip."Many got the impression I didn't like them on these discussions when I always made it clear it was the equip.I preferr trad. because I like it and don't like the other types.I have even stated I would use other equip. due to injury.Hunting is #1.Now due to projecting image of fairchase to nonhunters MAINLY,I do believe you can go to far on technology making it too easy to hunt the animal.This effects hunters and myself too but it ranks as either the # 1 or 2 reason for nonhunters to vote against hunting.It has the same effect on nonhunters as baiting and dog use on bears and cougars whereas if this ever comes to a ballot we lose,just like they have with the bears and cougars.Most of the public want the animal to have a sporting chance.Me too.
  17. I hear what you are saying George but I thought the whole idea of hunting was to control the wildlife populations ... I see nothing wrong with making it easier for someone to get game, we could all go back to using clubs and rocks to hunt with but what would be the point ... the fact is, DNR people want X number of deer harvested per year and the best way to do that is to allow various means of taking game, the method is not the issue to DNR people its the result. I for one think technology results in cleaner kills with less lost game. I would like for someone to define the world traditonal, because that varys quite a bit from one part of the country to another. I for one don't buy into the Traditional non traditional hunting debate. If you want to make it harder on yourself that is your choice, but I can't see where people have the right to make it harder on others. I hunt and fish for the enjoyment I get out of it as I am sure you do the same. I used to hunt with a handgun because I loved the fact that I could spend hours trying different bullet and powder combinations, coutless rounds fired checking bullet speed with a chronograph, and took pride in taking game with a load that I personally developed .. to me that was as much fun as the hunt. Enjoyment should be the bottom line not the method. If it were left up to traditional hunting to control game we would be swamped in game and have starving deer and road kills everywhere.
  18. Let's hear it for shooting animals! WOOOHHOOOOOO:p