Items For Trade:

I have been building a true old-style post and beam home here on my farm that is 47 acres that hunts like 100 acres given the hilly terrain. The Amish I was paying to help me erect the frame and to cover the walls did so, and I had no money left to pay for wiring and plumbing help. So, I can do all my own carpentry work just fine, but I need and electrician to teach me how to wire my home as well as a person with plumbing skills to help and to teach me plumbing. I have the fuse panel in as well as the 200amp service connect, one outlet with power in the home, and two ceiling fans hung already and wired. That was done with the help of a friend and my brother that live too far away to help teach and finish off the project with me.

So here is the trade deal:
If you teach and help me to finish the wiring and plumbing of my home build. I will offer hunting and fishing access to my 47 acres; I have 2000 acres of Mead Paper Company clear cut around my land with only one other adjoining private property owner of 89 acres I can hunt on when his brothers or out of state hunters are not using his land with a shared recovery of deer on each other's land without issue (We actually help each other tract and recover the deer). the landowners across state route 279 from my land have the same shared recovery and assistance arrangements and I caretaker their land for them as well. I am very close to Cooper Hollow Wildlife Area (8 miles away) and Wayne National Forest about 6 miles south of my farm.
Here is what I am willing to trade on my end.
1. Being an Ex-Army sergeant and retired police officer we have to get along well, or this will not work.
2. I have four maintained deer stands with feeders and mineral licks, two are ladder stands, and two are box ground blinds in food plots. One food plot is for my daughter and I to use exclusively until we harvest our chosen buck (The Honey Hole). My daughter is in college and hardly makes it down to hunt, so the honey hole is solely mine until I get the buck I choose, then it is fair game due to my daughter's college/work schedule unless she comes back home for a weekend visit.
3. I have a well-stocked pond beside my two homes that would be open to fishing, but not being fished out. I do not mind eating what is caught, but just what is needed for a meal.
4.Given the lack of hotels and I can offer you to bring your camper, tent, or to stay in my old crap box two-bedroom home I live in with two large dogs until the new one is move in able.
5. Game tracking and recovery as well as taking your game to a great deer processor (Processing costs is yours to handle though) and access to a great taxidermist that takes select few clients (But you have to pay for his service or lose the opportunity to ever use him. I get you access to his closed client list, don't mess that up!
6. Seeking one person's help being a small landowner (47 acres) that hunts like a hundred given the terrain. That one person can bring his child to hunt and fish with him. No buddies, this is a one-person private offer unless it is two friends that help me wire and plumb my new home, then I will offer them both the same deal. No help, no access. I look at fathers the same as children of the helper to me. Brothers, buddies, and pals or in laws is a no go, unless they are the second worker/helper.
7. If this is a good, respectful, and mutually enjoyable relationship, then I do not mind extending my hunting and fishing access beyond what ever time limit we agree to for your services and access to my property.

Update 12-29-2022
I have three quarters of the ground floor wired now and hot from assistance of a friend, still looking for a wiring and plumbing guy to help me finish the build in exchange for hunting and fishing access.