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Looking to Hunt Ohio Hogs

Discussion in 'Sell - Buy - Trade Hunting and Fishing Goods' started by JLM195650, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Heard tell some parts of Ohio have trouble with wild pigs. Here to offer my services to shoot all you want and will gladly share the meat. Retired military so available to hunt year round.;)
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  2. Down around me right now they seem to be more myth than fact!!! I have heard of people seeing them supposedly but I have yet to see a hog, or even hog sign!!!

  3. I've never seen them on the hoof but I have seen them in BBQ sauce.

    Vinton furnace near some of the research plots they have been spotted.

    I personally have found a few wallows and sign in zaleski.

    Probably more likely to see a Sasquatch than a hog unless you have dogs or trap.
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  4. Have seen plenty of sign in vinton furnace while turkey hunting. Never seen one though. There's a lot of rugged terrain there as well as old clear cuts that are extremely thick. I'd imagine killing a hog there would be quite the task. Then getting it back to your truck may be even harder. I've crossed some ravines in there and climbed hills chasing turkeys with just my gun that made me question my own sanity.
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  5. I've seen a couple of places where they rooted up the ground and found one wallow at Turkey ridge in vinton county. Never seen one though.
  6. I know a girl that shot one in Vinton county . Her granddad has a place there and he keeps a feeder running year round . She showed me a picture and that's a little better than big foot . But she is the only person I know that has seen one in this state . Now if you are looking for one heck of a challenge then try and get one in Ohio . If you want better odds go south . They say 1/2 the population of hogs are in Texas .
  7. Me and a buddy went hog hunting in zaleski about 3 years ago. We hunted from top to bottom without a single sign of a pig. We finally went to the rangers office and asked where exactly is you're pig problem here. The lady gave us a strange look and said they haven't seen a hog around here in years! I don't know why the dnr had zaleski highlighted in red but it seems to me that they need to get their stuff straight and work with hunters willing to eradicate the problem instead of giving generic and outdated information.
  8. That info is very generic. They are around there and in good numbers if you find where they live. USDA has trapped enough to probably greatly reduce the numbers. They trap whole groups at a time. There was a guy on here that did guided dog hunts down there. My buddy gets them on trail cam south of McArther about 10 miles. Some huge ones occasionally.
  9. There map also showed the north west corner of Preble county in red . I lived and hunted there for over 30 years . I know a lot a farmers and a lot of hunters that know a lot of other farmers , and never have I ever heard anyone say anything about wild hogs in this area .
  10. It's weird because you would think if the McArthur area had hogs that they would be in my stomping grounds but I have yet to see any???? I'm not complaining though, ferril hogs is not something I look forward to seeing regularly!!!
  11. I seen a hog at a taxidermists in Logan that was shot in Vinton county that was a Russian bore looking hog!!! Looked like the real deal, I just figured the fenced in hog hunting place in McArthur had a few dig under the fence??? It was huge btw!!!!
  12. Agree !! We don't need them here !!
  13. There might be one that grew when the transport truck of pigs tipped awhile ago. You would think they wouldn't risk infestation and caught all of them.
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