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Looking for some direction!

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Cory Confer, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Wanting to try some state land on the northeastern side of the state. Saw Shenago, mosquito creek and grand river. Can anyone point me in a good direction to start? Not that I'm not willing to put in the time it's just the time I have is limited and if I can get a few people to point me in the right direction that'd be awesome.
  2. grand river gets pounded by the amish. Ive been there a few times and always turned me away when you see a group of 30 of them walking down the road or being dropped off in cargo vans. I have heard behind the range is decent but again ive always been turned off by it.
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  3. The Amish hammer all of those areas even the smaller areas. I hunt the public around that area a lot and I always see Amish. I've seen 6 of them in a 20 acre area at once. They get dropped off so they don't even need a parking spot. It's crazy around here. What I do is pattern the Amish and then get down wind from them. It works if they haven't scarred all the deer away. I will say the I feel the shenango area probably gets the least pressure.
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  4. Thanks! Thats kind of what I've been hearing. My aunt lives just north of hermitage so Shenago is actually the closest one anyhow. Gonna give it a go early November and see if I can't atleast find a few decent spots
  5. It might be worth coming a little further south. Not sure where your coming from though. I wouldn't limit yourself to just 3 areas. At this point go in and ground hunt and cover tons of ground in areas that look good and try to find old and fresh buck sign. Mark it for later in the season. Be careful of others up there. Some public can just get too crowded like mentioned above. Most public gets crowded to some extent once the rut gets going.
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  6. Thanks man, I'd like to try as much as possible but I'm limited with time right now so I'll have to take whatever I can get