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look who's talking now

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by MISFIT, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. was checking the stats on the top posters on the site and just happened onto this,LOL.and deperado said the reason i lost that fish last week,was because I was talking to could i get a word in?:rolleyes: :D ;) now,what do you guys think?;)

    The Top 10 Posters

    · 1: Ðe§perado™ with 130 posts.
    · 2: j_blocker with 76 posts.
    · 3: Fish with 61 posts.
    · 4: Steve with 57 posts.
    · 5: bill_gfish with 55 posts.
    · 6: Nut with 54 posts.
    · 7: Erie with 51 posts.
    · 8: flathunter with 44 posts.
    · 9: mrfish/OH with 35 posts.
    · 10: stelmon with 33 posts.
  2. Looks to me like ...

    :eek: ~ Ðe§perado™ with 130 posts ~ has to do a lil' explainin' ~ :eek:

    :p :p

  3. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod


    I wish you guys would have been in my classes with me growing up, the teachers always said I talked too much. :rolleyes: You guys would have kept me out of a LOT of trouble!!:D
  4. LOL. Good post.

    I talk a lot in forums, but I'm boring as hell to fish with. I never really talk much in real life. :(
  5. I may lead it here for now...but you have to talk fast to Rick, because when he starts you can't get another word in edgewise....LOL:p
  6. wow I'm a 5, ain't been that since I was a baby.
  7. wind bags lol. i just like to hear you guys talk. it`s alot of fun for a quiet guy like me.

  8. LOL

    A good pool would to pick out what date Desperado will get to 1000:D :cool: ;)
  9. It sounds like I need to stay off line til you guys catch up...LOL:rolleyes:
  10. Hey Desperado

    with the misfit, I been there ... seen that.. and really heard it.
  11. Toad

    .. ya mean the MISFIT talks the Fish to Death & they just Belly-up for him?? :rolleyes: :eek:

    :p :p
  12. Watch Out

    Lol you really have to watch out for misfit. He will kill all the fish.. I dunno how he does it but maybe they just feel such pitty they play dead :D ;)
  13. Wager......

    I bet Erie takes the lead.......any takers ??;)
  14. LoL ~ mrbluefish62 ...

    I've got around 2 dozen MBs that I visit just about everyday & I spend half my time on Walleye Central for my hardcore meat & potato info .. *Remember* ~ I've reached the end of the I-net so I don't have all those links to sling around anymore ... heheh!:rolleyes: :p

    :p :p
  15. I would like to bet against you Jim but I would be betting on you taking the lead. With the fishing you do and the numbers of pics you post I would say you'll be up there as soon as the river/weather is cooperating enough for you to be out. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the pics just stating my observations.

    When I decided to by a scnner or dig. camera look out cuz there will be lots of small lake cats on display for all, lol.