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Longbow suggestions

Discussion in 'Ohio Traditional Archery' started by cevans, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Does anyone have suggestions on what bow and arrows to get for beginner longbow shooter? I have been shooting compound for the past two years but I shot a longbow the other day and fell in love. Yet, like I said, I am completely new to longbow so I have no clue on what to get.

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  2. Was it a longbow or recurve ...either way don't go over 45#...and in most cases stay over 60"...plenty of custom used bows, vintage bows and brand new samicks for very reasonable prices ...bows can be had extremely reasonable at traditional shoots like the Ohio state shoot being held in Jackson this weekend plus you can get very good help with how to shoot and what accessories you need...which all can be bought there ...good lustre k...:D

  3. Where's Jamie or hoot when ya need em? Jamie's prolly at the state shoot in Jackson this weekend and will respond if he sees this thread;)
  4. Hayyy where is hoot...:mischeif:
  5. Find someone local to you that shoots trad gear and hand out with them as much as possible. There is a lot to learn by just shooting with someone that has experience and is a good shot.

    Unless you have time to shoot everyday and are very dedicated dont expect to hunt with a trad bow this year. It takes time and practice to get consistant with them.

    I have shot a ton of top name bows, middle of the road bows and a few cheap bows, they all fling an arrow, some just do it smoother, quieter and with less shock then others.

    What kind of price range are you thinking? And i agree with coonie, 40-45lbs is the max i would shoot just starting out.
  6. I was lookin to spend no more than 250 for everything. I just bought a new compound so im a little bit in the hole with that. Any specific brand you recommend to point me in the right direction?

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  7. new samick takedowns can be had for just over 100$ to 400$...try lancaster archery...they got the full line of samick longbows and recurves...or you can get vintage bows from 35$ to 200$...or used custom bows from 100$-400$...for 250$you could get a purty nice one...check ebay(pay more)for used...they do sell new samicks too...trad gang and leatherwall have a lot of good used bows of all types...and of course craigs list where you can get good deals...:D
  8. Well sweet thanks for the advice. Cant wait to get one and start flinging some arrows.

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  9. Be a real good idea to shoot before you buy, since you are new to longbows.
    If you dont want to invest a lot of money to start with....Samick Red Stag longbow is a good shooter. If you buy from Lancaster Archery you have 14 days to return it...that way you wont be stuck if you dont like it. The Samick Verna is a more radical reflex/deflex type longbow it runs for around 290 bucks.
    What would be ideal is to walk into a shop that carries different longbows and try them for yourself. Everybody likes different characteristics in bows...I like the more mild r/d bows. If I could spend 350 bucks I would get the Bear Monatana. As others have suggested DONT go under 64 inches[IMO] ,longer bow is easier to learn on.
  10. hows it going...:mischeif:
  11. Lancasater Archery is a great place to go try bows before buying. They even have bows for left-handers on the floor, which is pretty rare. I bought an October Mountain Product bow for ~$180 from Kinsey's Archery in Elizabethtown, PA (not as much selection on the floor, but good also). It is 68", 45# and has been a good one.
  12. got one yet...:mischeif: