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Lited nocks

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by turkeybuster, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Wich is better nockternal or lumenock the nockternal is $24.99 for3 or lumenock for $9.99 a piece

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  2. I have shot both and it seems the nockturnals are more reliable. They are the only ones I am shooting now.

  3. Nocturnals for sure.

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  4. I have some Lumenocks that are going on season 3 and they are still working just fine. Shot them into my target the other day just to make sure. No problems.
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  5. Thanks guys this is Wht I'm buying myself for my birthday such was Thursday
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  6. I've had both with no issues.I'm currently shooting nocturnals,lighter,cheaper and reliable.
  7. I'm geting them cause there cheaper but I did buy some from Walmart but they didn't hold together long so I got my money back I'm geting nockternals

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  8. Pretty sure the Lumanock is the only one of the options you listed you can replace the battery in...The lumanock weigh more..
  9. miketruax

    miketruax Staff Member Super Mod

    I make my own for a couple bucks a piece you can Google directions

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  10. Yea I seen them a guy I know makes them for like $2 a piece

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  11. I had to go with lumenock only ones they had that would my arrow. But they gave me 3 brand new ones for $26

  12. another vote for Nocturnal and I've used both brands.
  13. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Not even close. Nockturnals all the way.
  14. I was looking at both but the only ones that'd fit my arruh was lumenock... My arrows still hit the same so game on

  15. What arruh?
  16. Ht1 ht2 or? Nockturnal g nock would fit ht1 and a S nock(std ID. 245 carbon) would fit ht2

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  17. Last years arrow. They changed brands this yr now it blood sport

  18. I am aware of that so it is a Ht1(vengeance) -ht2(harvester) or what model?....