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listen to this crap

Discussion in 'Out of State Hunts' started by catchdog, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Got a call today from the ranch owner in Texas . He wants us to bring extra pair of clean shoes to change into before we get in the blinds . He put up new $3500 blinds with carpet in them and doesn't want us to wear our dirty boots in them . What the f--- , put down a rubber runner .
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  2. so wait a minute carpet in a blind? what's this guy think your supposed to carry a clean pair of shoes though the woods or what not and then change them. what you supposed to do with the dirty ones? leave them outside and when you put them back on there's a scorpion in them or something.

    yeah put rubber down or plastic. what a loon.

  3. Smh...get you some tyvek booties that you can just slip over your boots then take off and stick in your pocket when leave. You know, the kind a service guy will put on before he comes in your house.
  4. You must be on a yuppie hunt.Thers your sign!
  5. Definitely...if those blinds have flush toilets...
  6. Gold laced door knobs! Blahhhaahaha. Take them shoes offf or else don't hunt.! Blahahhahahahaaha got a feeling you will kill something.
  7. We have hunted this place for 7 years now . He always had us have clean shoes for the bunk house but this is to much . I been thinking about taking a ground blind and saying F--- the dumb **** . This guy has been great to us all these years Only charges us the price of a two day hunt and lets us hunt for 5 days . Gives us the keys to a side by side and a quad and says have fun . yea we have to wash everything when we leave but it's been a good time . I don't have any problem cleaning up after were are done and keeping things nice . But this just blew my mind . Maybe I should just get some slip on rubbers that office people us .

    Ohio . yea he wants us to put clean shoes in our pack and change on the little deck before we go in . Hope he has a plastic tote to put them in . I'm not leaving my boots outside to get rained in .
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  8. CZ , yea I'm starting to feel like a yuppie . And I'm not happy about it . Hope there is a coffee maker and microwave in these blinds .
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  9. I would bring my fuzzy slippers. Sounds like a much nicer blind than the tent blind imfroze my arse in Saturday morning!
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  10. Get you a pair of buckle up artics hell dont know if they even make them no more aint seen any for yrs but if they do TSC probably has them there easy on and easy off
  11. They have slip on with a snap . But they are not easy on and off without plastic bags of some kind . It's just a pain in the ass . They are nice blinds He had one last year we helped him move . I didn't get in it but the ones he replaced were indoor outdoor carpet from top to bottom nice windows and . The new ones are octagon with more windows . He keeps buddy heaters in them but I have never turned on . I'm going to look for those rubber slip on things office people use in the winter .
  12. Things not as bad as I took it yesterday . I guess I needed some time to calm down and talk it over with the guy . Not just get mad and say ok and cut things short cuz I'm pissed . So I called him back today and ask if we could jut wear those tyvek over shoes . He said yea , we really don't have to worry about it unless it rains . These new blinds I didn't buy my guy's that deer lease did but I let you guy's hunt out of them so we just need to keep the mud down . These guys spent $3500 on these blinds and if I'm going to let you guys hunt out of them I need to keep them some what clean so they don't bitch . I can understand that , guess I just felt like a yuppie when I heard the change shoes thing and shut down . Thanks to Lmbhngr for the idea .

    We all have our shortcomings , I need to learn how to not get my panties in a bunch so fast . Maybe listen more before my head goes to crazy .
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  13. Welcome!
  14. It is a normal reaction when things seem to much sometimes catchdog!! I'm glad that have figured it out and it sounds like tyveck booties are a great idea, be careful with them they rip easily and two pair may be a safer bet if it's going to be an issue, that being said tyveck is loud especially when rubbing against more tyvek so I would get a pair and make sure that you can move silently in them. I would think a moderate dowsing in scent killer will do the trick, damp tyvek is much quieter than dry tyvek!!! Good luck and let is know if they are going to work!
  15. They well work I have opened the door and took a piss and as long as I move slow the deer don't care . Those critters seem to get use to some noise from the blinds and have never seen anything run from scent . Even when I know they should have .
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  16. Sounds like a more than fair dude. I'd go along with him. It will go a long way.

  17. Your right Maxwell . As I said I got my panties in a bunch over nothing .
  18. sounds like it all worked out. I can see it from both sides really. When hunting you get muddy and dirty.....that's just how it goes. I would never put so much money into a blind that mud would be a problem or I would use materials that mud wouldn't effect....carpet not being one of them. On the other hand I believe we can all agree that everyone does things a little differently and if these guys put the money into it and it's their wish to use carpet then it would be respectful to do whatever they asked to keep things as clean as possible. I know it drives me insane to have people stay in my camper and they crap all over it by wearing muddy boots inside or leaving trash all over it. Those people usually don't get invited back. I bought the camper and it's mine. If they want a muddy trashed up camper then they can buy their own.
  19. Orion , I agree . At first I thought it was for every day not just if it rains and we have muddy boots . I just couldn't see changing boots over some Texas dust on our boots . A service guy came over today and he gave me a bag full of those booties .

    The ranch owner also said he has 8 little 40 - 50 pound pigs that the mother got shot and they come out as soon as he corns the roads . He wants us to try and trap them so we can them all . He said if we shoot at them we will get 1 or 2 then they will stay away for awhile . So he wants us to set the trap but make sure we wire the trap shut when we are not there to watch the trap . he doesn't want to trap a fawn , so don't leave it set over night . We have kept things nice and done things his way all these years and that is why he trust us with his stuff and just gives us keys and say's have fun . We respect him and his place and he respects us for it . Like I said I just got my panties in a bunch over a misunderstanding of his wishes .

    I made it to a Doc Monday and got some meds . I am feeling much better now and should be A ok by sat when we leave . I will post some pics when I get back . Thanks for the replies . Happy hunting !!
  20. Good luck on your hunt. Hope you enjoy yourself to the max. Be sure to post pics of your kill! And ........yup you in your booties! Lol now you have to.