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Line counters?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. I'm wondering if these would be any advantage while cattin' on the Big "O"? They hold enough line, seem strong enough.
  2. ADVANTAGE... my opinion they arent needed unless your fishing from a boat in say 50ft of water and are marking big fish at say can let your bait down to that depth.
    I used to fish with an older fellow who use the Daiwa line counters, he would reset them to zero after casting out and tightening up his line...thay way he would know if the bait had moved at all...he also wouldnt hit a cat unless it took atleast 20ft of line...i never understood his thoughts on this whole set up?

  3. Yeah, that's what I was talking about. Basically a deep water bluecat rod.

    Mike at Fisherman's said they are getting in some Abu linecounters? I guess they are supposed to be a big seller?
  4. Mike

    LOL thats the only guy there i wont deal with.

    Yea those abus will be big sellers for the eye guys, i dont have any need for line counters.
  5. Yeah, I love listening to him deal with other customers. Nice guy.....
  6. yea hes nice

    But i want someone at a fishing store whos helping atleast be smarter than me about the stuff hes selling..lmao!
    Ive went in there on thursdays when Ben is off work...and Mike is working..i'll go in the back in the hunting stuff and deal with Mark on fishing stuff.
  7. that's not nice. Atleast say "hi" :D I hate asking a question in they give me the by the book or the "duh" answer that anyone could have conjoured up. That's why I don't shop galyan's very much unless I'm just looking for lures and terminal tackle that I don't have to ask about.
  8. hey, nice?

    NO ONE ever said i was
    Funny thing was he USED to try to ask me if i wanted help when i'd be in there..of course i'd say no thanks..then mark, ben or matt would walk in and i'd start with the questions about this and that..he learned fast not to ask me unless i ask first!

    Your right on the money with.."I don't shop galyan's very much unless I'm just looking for lures and terminal tackle that I don't have to ask about." luckly i hardly ever ask questions..i know what i want and i go buy it.
    Only time i ask is usually to mark or matt when they are going to start carring a certain rod or reel, or i just go in and order it.
    The only one i really ever talk to is Ben, hes a cool guy who knows his stuff very well and we always talk smallies, as he stream wades a lot too. I like to mess with him a lot..hes a good guy!
  9. Small World..........Ben knows and used to fish with a guy that I worked with at Gander.
    He's always talking about fishing Blacklick and Kokosing(I think that's the one?) Only thing I get from Blacklick is bait. Great spot for suckers and finger size chubs.
  10. yea...

    He wades the Kokosing a lot for a few streams i do too;) ..ive put him on some good spots.
  11. Have you fished that new park area you told me about?

    Man you must be drinking this early in the

    Yea i sure have...fished it a lot this summer(wading) and late fall-winter.
    My buddy Dave got his 20 1/4" smallie there in Nov. , I got my 20"er there in Dec...funny thing is they were'nt the same fish(much different markings, scars, ect.) and it was the same stretch i got my biggest number for a single trip in 2003 of 27 smallies, i lost two BIG smallies during that trip to some big boulders out in the middle, both were easily 5lb+ fish(and that was in Oct.).

    Going to hit a good old spot today were the fish will be for sure stacked up..just not sure if they'll hit with this crazy weather patterns going on? but it offers our best shot right now..been fishing this spot every winter for 6yrs now.

    Did you do any smallie fishing last year on the streams?
  13. Yeah, my usual livebait fishing with fresh caught softcraws. I keep telling myself I'm going to order those wobblehead jigs that they use for bone fish......just keep forgetting. Hopefully this weekend.

    I caught three smallies up at Alum in my top crappie hole, as well as a nice channel cat. I fish the softcraws on cirlces since the smallies swallow them soo fast. Successfully released all of them. I'm thinking of bringing some home to put in the pond. It's real clean with a rocky/sandy bottom. Tons of things to eat in there. I'm also going to introduce some crawfish and hopefully get a population started. It'll be hard with all the bullheads in there.

    Hopefully I'll have this pond WELL stocked by the end of the year.
  14. Line Counters......

    They are primarily used for trolling....that way you can return your lure to the same depth. Set the reels at various lengths, when you get hits, set all the rods close to the same.
    I can't see it being any use fishing cats on the Ohio except in this situation. If you were freelining a bait and letting the current suspend the bait. I haven't done that, but I've seen plenty of cats roll on the surface grabbing shad. So it stands to reason freelining a bait without weight or with a light weight ( 1/4-1/2 oz) might work. Leting out longer line might let it sink more, but then again, more line will have more surface tension on the water & might hold counteract the added lenght. Sooooo......more weight would be the controling factor- and the bait size of course too. I'm going to try this with a longer leader & a swivel to help prevent line twist. I've been marking fish up high in the column recently. Might be bluecats, channels, or hybrids, etc. Found a big school of fish yesterday on a drop from 20' to 60' just stacked up. Got no takers for my cut skipjack :(
  15. I figured it you were sitting over some structure and wanted your bait level with, or just above the fish it would come in use. If I were free-lining I would use my BTR's, and those 1 oz. rubber core sinkers or one of those keel sinkers they use for trolling.
  16. Fish depths

    I learned a few tricks for setting lines. One is to actually run the boat to the shore where it's the same depth as the fish, then motor back out. This was a trick used for stripers. They can be extremely finicky and were that week. They would only hit baits between 31 & 33' deep. They were suspended below that, but would only hit that depth.:confused:
    Then there's 2 other methods, I use this one, and you can check your accuaracy by checking against your depth finder. Grab the line at your reel, pull it out an arm's length in front of you. It should be about 2', then count by two's until you reach the depth you want to reach. Test it against your depth finder a few times & you'll get pretty accurate quickly. Another is to measure the line against your rod.....maybe the 1st guide to the rod tip is 5'......then count by 5's.;)
  17. Trolling motor

    When I was talking about the 1st method above, we used our trolling motors, the fish were suspended over deep water near the bank.:D