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Lima gun show

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This weekend, Jan. 4 and Jan. 5, is the gun show at Lima Fair grounds. Anyone there and wants to meet me, I`ll be at the consesion stand at 10 am. Sat. morn. Anyone else there stop by. Are you going to be there Buckrun?
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Hey CatFish what day are you going?

Hi Catfish
I am hopping to have things done here at home so I can make it up that way Saturday to meet you guys so I will be looking for you.
I will have my Sidney coat on and I may have my Sidney High School hat on.
The hat is all Black with a big yellow "S" on it.

See you Saturday.
Gun Show Lima

Hey Mal, Buckrun and you Catfish
Sorry I didn't make it up to the show today.
I was at my mother and father inlaws lastnight and my father inlaw ask if I could haul some parts for his shop that needed to be deliverd this morning so I did that but by the time I got back home it was already after 10:00 so I just stayed at home.

I hope to make the next one in Lima.

Hey now that you been to the Lima gun show are any of you go to the Dayton gun show Sunday?

I am free all day sunday my wife and daughter is going shopping and I told tham I wanted to go to less one gun show this weekend.

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Gun Show

Hey Catfish I got my e-mail I may try and call you tomorrow.

Truning in for the night talk to you later.
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