License increase debate with a link to Ohio Senate

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  1. Ohio's Former Wildlife Chiefs Join Call for Increased Fees

    Just days after the Kasich Administration publically ruled out the need for a resident hunting and fishing license fee increase, all of Ohio’s living former top fish and wildlife executives signed a letter calling for the increase. The former heads of the Division of Wildlife, united in an unprecedented display of support for the proposed increase in resident and non-resident hunting and fishing license fees in the state, sent a letter to Governor Kasich and members of the General Assembly.

    These conservation leaders, six of them in all, served five governors (Rhodes, Celeste, Voinovich, Taft and Strickland), and they led the state’s wildlife agency during 28 of the past 35 years, right up until Gov. Kasich was elected. In reading the former chiefs’ letter, it is clear that these wildlife professionals are deeply concerned about the financial crisis facing the agency they once led, and are further worried that declining services to Ohio’s sportsmen will result in steep declines in participation and funding for conservation.

    The letter states: “Ohio needs better managed public land, more educational programming to help people locate places to hunt and fish and trap, more boating access, and better stocked waterways. Unfortunately, Ohio is heading the other direction. Financial austerity is causing declining quality. While fiscal efficiency is important, maintaining quality service is even more so.”

    Their action follows the unanimous recommendation by the Ohio Wildlife Council that the state increase user license fees. The Ohio Wildlife Council is a bi-partisan panel appointed by the governor to advise the Chief Executive of Ohio, the Director of Natural Resources and the legislature on important matters facing Ohio’s fish and wildlife resources. The six Wildlife Council members were all appointed by Gov. Kasich.

    Their efforts are also supported by 32 sportsmen and conservation organizations who have been working to convince legislators to sign on to the effort.

    The input of these groups, who represent those who pay the user fees in Ohio, was especially important to the former wildlife chiefs: “While the General Assembly should always be careful not to overcharge its users, the price of a license is not the number one reason people give up hunting, fishing or trapping. To understand this issue, it is important to listen to the paying customer. In research spanning back decades, the same messages are reinforced by American sportsmen and women including those in Ohio. Lack of access remains the top reason why people give up hunting, fishing and trapping. Access to quality land to hunt. Access to quality game. Access to waterways. Access to quality shooting ranges.”

    Having all six former chiefs speak out is noteworthy. Two were appointed by democratic governors and four by republicans. In addition, former Chief Scott Zody, who passed away unexpectedly in April 2016, also worked hard in recent years to convince legislators of the fiscal crisis facing Ohio’s fish and wildlife resources and the need for a fee increase.

    “We are honored to have the support of these former chiefs, who have spent their entire lives dedicated to the conservation of Ohio’s fish and wildlife resources,” said Evan Heusinkveld, president and CEO of the Sportsmen’s Alliance, which is leading the coalition of groups supporting the fee increase. “There continues to be a growing cacophony of support for a fee increase, including the former chiefs, the Ohio Wildlife Council, and Ohio’s sportsmen and conservationists who actually pay to use the resource. This support should be a clear signal to members of the senate that the time has come to update resident and non-resident license fees.”

    Take Action! The Ohio Senate is currently debating the state budget bill, and has the opportunity to address the concerns of hunters, anglers and trappers. Please let your State Senator know that sportsmen and women believe that Ohio is long overdue for a modest increase in resident hunting and fishing licenses, in addition to an increase in non-resident deer hunting permits. Let your senator know you want their support for these increase to restore the services sportsmen expect including wildlife area improvements, fish stocking and boating access. To contact your senator today, use the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center.

    About the Sportsmen’s Alliance: The Sportsmen’s Alliance protects and defends America’s wildlife conservation programs and the pursuits – hunting, fishing and trapping – that generate the money to pay for them. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation is responsible for public education, legal defense and research. Its mission is accomplished through several distinct programs coordinated to provide the most complete defense capability possible. Stay connected to Sportsmen’s Alliance: Online, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  2. Leaving counties without officers because they can't fund a cadet class? Come on!! If state government operated like alot of corporate america there would be some serious cleaning of house. That's unexcusable. If I was in a postion where I had to make cuts like that I would walk away and pick up a new career. What a kick below the belt.

  3. screenshot didnt seem to show up mr. snoke.....
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  4. I thought with so many public land hunters on here, this thread would gain more way or the other....maybe its in another thread i didnt see
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    Very few comments on Facebook as well. Kind of sad.
  6. Times are tight. Many probably don't want to fork out the extra money when they won't see any benefit from it? DOW is a quiet bunch, not the best for rallying for funds. Transparency and communication might help their cause instead of "hey we need to more revenue so lets raise licenses". I'm for one still wondering what they did with the extra money as we set record harvest after record harvest? Likely grew too big for their britches, now that we have a smaller herd to hunt they aren't getting the revenue they grew accustomed to. Classic bad business....... Just like Penn. Since our non res tags are OTC they should have jacked up non res tag $'s long before the good ole days came and went. Missed opportunity. Counting days till I'm a landowner and I may or may not buy another Ohio license/tag unless they change the law where landowners are required to. Fortunate to be in a postion to make a buy, for those counting on public hunting in 20 years I feel for you. Many won't step foot on it now. Wasn't that way less than 10 years ago. If they drown and are no longer able to protect the resource (many would say thats the case now), I'm glad I like to fish and have friends in the West where wildlife resources are viewed as such, resources.
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  7. im a hunting land owner and have a few private farms to hunt.....butI believe this is the right thing to im onboard....if it keeps our heritage going strong....ill pony up some extra dollars......what i spend on bows and guns....liscense is a drop in the bucket
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    You can't take a family of 4 to Micky D's for the cost of an annual hunting license. A $3 increase isn't going to force anyone out.

    I bet if there was a proposal to ban baiting social media would be on fire, but talk of the DOW being swallowed up by the DNR and no one cares.
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  9. Maybe Hunters don't wanna pay extra for not having a voice.... why not just charge an extra 100 or so for out of state hunters and call it good. Anyone know what was done the following year after record harvest of deer with the extra money? More pheasants and fish released or land bought? Did anything change? Just wondering.
  10. I guess my take is that i understand i may not always get exactly what i want...but if i can be part of a partial solution then maybe ww can get things pushed in the right direction
  11. I've personally spoke with my state rep and sent a letter to my senator.
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  12. same here....I guess either side your on, we probably should be more vocal and see how our elected officials respond.
  13. This issue is bigger than us constituents. You can bet something is amiss whenever politicians turn down increased revenues. The political plan, I suspect, is to focus the public's attention on astute fiscal temperance while gaining access to a much bigger cash cow just under the radar.
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  14. In reading my Ohio Outdoor news last night...It said the resident increase has been taken off the nonres increase only a chance now
  15. The issue is neither really nor totally about the increase in license fees/permits. That's smoke and mirrors to the bigger issue of ODNR doing to the DOW what it did to Watercraft (making them park rangers) only in the case of the DOW, there's a golden egg in the mix.
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    Yep.....Hint-Hint....Insurance companies etc....

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  17. havent found any updates on this since they cancelled the resident increase....anyone heard any news lately?
  18. The administration was caught unawares to the public pushback. They're re-grouping and coming up with other tactics and strategy to attain their objective: money.
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