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Let's Talk Turkey

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by Nut, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. Yelp Yelp Yelp

    C'mon y'all have to have more turkey hunting to talk about.

    Maybe if I started a post where I shot a turk out of the roost it might get this forum hopping.:eek: ;) :D
  2. Hey Nut, I'm from Toledo too, where do you do Turkey camp up here?


  3. Shooting turks out of the roost ,all yea that will get the boilers hot.
  4. No roost shootin guys ... come on!
  5. rj... I go down to Morgan County to do my turkey hunting. Might do a little Ross County this year also. I did see a flock of around 40 turkeys around Maumee State Forest a month ago;)

    Funny thing about roost shooting,it is illegal here but legal in other states. If ya was in the other state would you shoot a turk out of the roost?:eek:
  6. I have also seen turkeys around the Maumee State forest area off of Sager road I think it is??? Is that where you have seen them also?

    Well... oneday I was walking passed the TV which always has the outdoor channel on and ther ewas a turkey roosted in a tree... I had to stop and admire what I was seeing when al of a sudden BOOMMMMMM someone on TV shot this bird from the roost!!!
    I now had my total attention directed to the show wondering what had I just viewed!!!
    Here there were a couple women hunting for those birds down in Central America or wherever there located and on the show they said that 99% are shot out of the roost... I could be wrong could have been 99% !!!
    Well if that is what it takes to complete a world slam then NO THANKS :rolleyes:
  8. Shooting turkeys on the roost is wrong. What happened to giving the game you hunt a sporting chance.
  9. atrkyhntr, I saw the same show. Their "excuse" for shooting the birds off the roost was that after they fly down it's so thick in that area that you can never call one close enough for a clear shot:rolleyes: I saw another show the other day where they were hunting the same species (I think they called them oscilated turkeys, looked like small peacocks to me) where they were in this jungle looking area set up beside a watering hole just waiting on them. But the only one I saw them kill, they were walking back a road thru the jungle, rounded a curve and ambushed one. Not my kind of turkey hunting, if they won't gobble and come to a call they're no fun.
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  10. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Roost shooting

    I hear the trees are shorter in Morgan county so you can get better shots! ;)

    It's kind of liking ground swatting pheasants and grouse, NO THANKS!
  11. Hey Lance I'll have to look I have yet to see any trees in Morgan County :D

    I have a guide who comes in from Pa and every year he psss and moans that the Amish are roost shooting cause he hears shots way before anyone should... I am not sure who is doing the shooting but I've heard the shots too :( :mad: Just no sport in it so can't ever see a reason to roost shoot myself :confused:
  12. Very very cruel... rubbed it in without a single word!!! :D
  13. Forget talking! Lets go get one! Seriously though, I hope I get my first one this year. I know I have the talen so I hope the luck goes my way.
  14. Lance mmm I am trying to figure out what Morgan County has to do with the question. :confused:

    But I havent seen any dang peacocks there either LMBO still at that one.

    The question was for out of state because it is illegal to shoot turkeys out of the roost here in Ohio.

    The calling in what is the fun.... but how many people set up close to the roost trees and nail em as they land coming down from them. Isn't that just as bad as shooting them in the roost?
  15. rj... I usually see the turkeys around the youth camp and the migrant center in Henry County.
  16. Hey Nut...
    I've set-up on birds still in the roost and many times had them fly right in take a couple steps and a client lets a round fly... I see nothing wrong with this because the birds were called in... They may have flown in off the roost but they still came to call. I do agree that if someone sneeks/slithers to a roosted bird and waits for it to fly off then shoot or simply ambushes the gobbler to me that is not hunting!!!

    My question is "is there a state that allows roost shooting and which ones if any???" hmnmnmn :confused:
  17. Idaho is one that I am certain of.:D

    See all I had to do to get some action going in the turkey forum is to post about roost shooting. People read things a certain way and misundertsand the post.(why it is the internet LOL)

    I even posted that statement in the last post because I knew it would get a response also.:p

    You see I am not one of those "my way or the highway" type of idiots. I am liking playing a devil's advocate. I might not do something myself but will defend the right(if it is legal) of others to do it.

    Who knows if I am ever in Idaho...:eek:
  18. I've never seen one fly down from a roost, but I've scared them from the roost. I have also had someone come up and tap me on the shoulder when turkey hunting against a fence on our property. Talk about a shock! I'm just glad I didn't have a bird around there. I have called them in when they were on the ground, however.
  19. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Roosted birds

    You see the videos with the guys trying to get up on the roosted birds to set-up about 70 yards out, so I've tried that a few times but it seems that I don't have much luck calling them in like that. Most of the toms I've called into sight have either been a distance from their roost or later in the morning. Every time I locate a good tom on roost they always have a whole flock of hens! I guess the good part is that I've probably have been finding the mature birds. It's funny, my tom to jake call-in ratio is about 4:1(45 yards or less). Too bad I don't get to connect with more of them, need to work on my setups.

    The Morgan county comment was a little harrasment as that's where you said you roost hunted er hunted. ;)
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