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Lets see some pics of your favorite fishing spots

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by flathunter, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. Here is one of my better spots, caught my two biggest cats right here last year

  2. Very Nice area. ;) :D What is the depth of the holes out there?

  3. WHOA yea..

    Cant wait til summer either Jack(i know your looking at your spot and wishing
    I would post some pics. of my favorite spots to fish..but i dont have any;) :cool:
  4. The deepest part of that hole is only appx 15yds from the rocks........Cant say for sure, but probably 18 to 20ft
  5. dang you Jack

    Why did ya have to post that picture for???? Geez us man..its only DECEMBER..we got a LONG way to go man!!!!:(

    ONLY "15yds from the rocks"..hmmmm..."probably 18 to 20ft deep" Jack do i have an idea about ways to fish that spot:D :D ;)
  6. Great looking spot's one of my favorite carping spots
  7. Hey Bob,

    Nice picture and great looking question...your rod pod looks mighty tall(lol) is that your converted cart/pod i see there?;)
  8. Fishin spot-

    That spot looks familar Jack;) THE CATKING!!!
  9. That's it Scott :) That's my open cooler (in the cart) under the rods...nice and easy for rebaiting etc.
  10. good show Bob

    Heck i might forget someones names, what they fish for or where thier from..but when i look at someones picture first thing i look for(if its in the pic.) is thier tackle..2nd is the fish they caught, then;)
    But hey thats just me..
    Scott (aka FlatheadManiac) Tackle Addict:D
  11. Here it is, along with a deer or two.
  12. Here is a spot in a small creek where I catch lots of cats and carp[​IMG]
  13. Here is a pic of my wife catching a fish ohio carp from the above spot

  14. Meldahl dam

    The dam.
    Top side of the dam.
    From the tailwaters
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  15. Ohio River

    Cincinnati from the Doctor's boat-thanks doc, I'll always be grateful to you for sharing your vast knowledge of the river. I think I'm out of grade school and am ready to begin middle school.
    Public landing downtown Cincinnati.
    From the Licking River across from Cincinnati.....the stadium is going to be imploded on the 29th :(
  16. Great Miami River

    Hamilton Dam. Incidentally , there was a 63# or 65# flathead caught there this year.

    Middletown dam last January-cold !!

    Under the bridge near the Ohio river...on a sad note this is where a man drowned a few months ago. He got dragged under some debris just downstream of here. :( Never underestimate the power of moving water !

  17. More GMR

    Chataqua Dam

    Geese over the West Carrolton Dam
    Middletown Dam We hit 5 dams in one day !!

  18. Brookville Lake

    This is from the Bonwell parking lot in winter pool
    Here's Tempelton Creek cove crappie fishing in the spring
    Near the ramp by the dam at Bonwell
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