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Let's see some of your pics!!!

Discussion in 'Cold Water Species Fishing' started by stelmon, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. Let's see some of your ohio fish pics if you have any!
  2. I will as soon as I get it figured out! lol I dont see where you can pull them from your harddrive!Glenn

  3. a nice Ohio Saugeye

    Here's a 7 lb 5 oz S-Eye from last May with a short story behind the photo ..

  4. Re: Ohio S-Eye ~ short story

    I like to C & R Troll for sUMo S-eyes & rarely bring one in for a photo .. Well my next door neighbor "BlueGill Web" just can't get the hang of trollin' for S-Eyes on his Toon over shallow 3' humps:rolleyes: :p

    Any-Who ~ Ole' Web asked me if-in' I'd bring him back a couple of eaters for dinner, as he was a-gettin' burnt-out on Gills & Crappie .. Ole' Raybob says "Sure enough, No problem" LoL ;)

    So I dropped the Beater I-Boat in the ~~~~~ & commenced S-Eye trollin' for a hour & a half or so .. I came in with the one above & a pair of 18-19" Eaters in the livewell. I slipped the 7 on the bottom hook & the 2 eaters a couple of notches up the stringer & hung it off my seawall - heheh!:rolleyes: :p

    Then I walked around to the other side of my fishin' shack to Web's place & told him I brought him back a couple of Eaters ~ Ole' Web follows me back to the boathouse seawall & lifts the stringer aways & says "Oh Yeah" when the 1st one comes in sight & then as he goes to lift the stringer outta the ~~~~~ he Hollars drops the stringer & Kraps his Pants when he sees the bottom one:eek:

    It was Choice for Sure!!! :rolleyes: :D :D

    She was C& R-ed to grow a Lil' more after the Photo & who knows, she may return another day to put one to Ole' Web
  5. One more BlueGill Web Story

    The year before last I was a-cleanin' some S-Eyes for the Old Folks across the Channel & I noticed Web was asleep on his back deck with a couple of long rods out & a half spent Brewskii on the table ~ well Ole' Raybob slips on over to the rod Web has stuck into my chain-link with a meatless S-Eye .. puts it on his hook with a handful of stones down da chops & sticks it back in the channel with his bobber under .. I wait about 10 min & tell a few neighbors, then walk around to Webs & wake him up with a cold one on the belly, once he gets over that he notices his bobber is down .. Ya can figure the rest out for yourself ~ Twas a Blast!!!:D

    Dang .. just noticed this is the Cold Water MB ~ gettin' old & drifty for sure!:rolleyes:
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  6. Wes and Ray?

    Atleast i think it is, looks like a GFO reunion.

  7. Those are some nice fish there gentlemen.
  8. GFO


    I was thinking the same thing myself. It's nice to see a familiar name, but then again you are everywhere. I see a lot of post from you on TSS too.

  9. You can only fish and go to school about 14 hours aday so that leaves alot of time to surf the net. Especially when the rivers aren't exatly in prime condition.

  10. Cold Water!!! ~ here's a real old Raybob Michigan King


    Man wasn't that a cool set of used water wheels I had way back when:rolleyes: :p
  11. First Chinook

    Caught this out of the Vermilion River on 11/1/02.

  12. Thanks

    Caught this salmon while steelhead fishing...bonus. It hit a silver spinner out of a deep pool. 36 inches long and faught hard.
  13. That must of been a big surprize to you....
  14. Hookjaw,

    I fish the river often, did you catch him in bacon woods?

  15. salmon

    I caught that salmon 1-1.5 miles south of millhollow park.......
    Went back 3 days later and found 2 groups of salmon spawning (nothing of real size-all 10 pounds or less). I heard that last year a ton of salmon were caught up by route 2 bridge area.
  16. hookjaw,

    You ever want to hook up, get me here or at. Have you seen the river lately? Jsut curoius as to whether its free or locked up.