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Let's see some of your fish Photos...

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by Erie, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. I thought I'd start a thread on the Warm Water Species Fishing forum, after already postin' a S-Eye on the Cold Water Board :rolleyes:
  2. Walleye

    Sharon with a couple of nice 27/27 Eyes on a fun trip with my Fishin' Buds


  3. Saugeye ...

    Here's a IL photo from this spring that I took of my friend John Clark with a nice 5-6 lb Saugeye .. I forgot the weight

  4. that pic looks famiar;) who's the "red ranger" hangin' out there?;) was a fun day for sure:) :cool:
  5. another Walleye 1st

    This is a photo of Jason's 1st Lake Erie 8 lb 27/27 Walleye that he ever caught aboard my friends boat the "Scoutin' Sam" .. he was sure all smiles till he had to hold that Eye up;)

  6. Bro Rick ...

    If Mem serves me correctly those Eyes went in your Gut :eek: along with all the rest that went back to Columbus, all that the rest of us got out of it was havin' a lil' fun & empty bellies .. you old fish Hog you!!!:rolleyes: :p

    PS .. Ya never did say what Bonnie had to say about that Red LipStick smear on your cheek LoL:eek:
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  7. you don't eat 'em anyway

    and they were mighty tasty too.many thanks to everyone again,also.and a special thanks to you for the trip:) gotta do that again and next time i'll share;)
  8. S-Bass

    .. here's the Hi-lites of a reef/Island fun trip this last July with some of my fishin' Buds and friend bob oh

  9. Catfish pictures

    Ray, there's a thread in the Catfish Forum with a few of my shots......Jim;)
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  10. Walleye

    Here's one from Brookville's a little over the border into IN. A beautiful 5,600 acre deep lake.
    Here's some for the freezer.;)
    Here's my best Ohio River Striper 19# 8 oz caught in 2001
  11. Wow I know three guys in your pics erie,Ez marc Buck, Mike, (skipinskul)...
  12. Not sure if this will work?

    I cant upload any of my pictures cause darn Angelfire wont let me...anyway im not going to show any of MY pics. as many in here that also belong to the GFO already seen them enough(lol).
    But heres some pics. of my two boys(Tyler 8yrs old, Christopher 6yrs old) on there first ever wading season this past year(2002)..hope ya like them,
  13. 14# 2 oz Ohio River Hybrid Striper

  14. My oldest son

    Here's my oldest son James last year with a nice flathead catfish.
  15. muskingum river wiper

    from the second fishing trip that i got lost on,but was the only one who didn't know i was lost.sure is strange to come home and find the cops at your house,filing a missing person report,LOL

  16. wooooohoooo i finally figured out how to post a is my largest Walleye to date....he was 29 inches and since it was my very first fish ohio...he will be on my wall.
  17. I like stripers

    Here's one from last year. Too bad catfish won't make a topwater hit !!