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Legal caliber for yotes

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Caribou Dreamer2, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. What type of weapon can be used to shoot coyotes,Are rifles legal in ohio.30/06 is in questioning.Thanks
  2. you can hunt coyotes with anything... To my knowlege the only time they are regulated is during the deer gun season .. .then you have to use something that is legal for deer ...
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  3. The Maddcatter is right, you can you any caliber rifle or handgun in Ohio, except for deer gun seasons, Includeing muzzle loader season, their afraid that you might take a deer with them I guess.
  4. so 30/06 is legal for yotes in ohio.thanks for your responses
  5. gppd question, I was wondering the same. I got a nice 30/06 for my birthday a couple years ago.
  6. I need to get a shotgun of somesort. I haven't hunted anything in so long. It's been at least 10 years, maybe longer. I would like to hunt yotes.

  7. Thanks for the reply guys. I thought you could but just didn't make sense to me.You can hunt Varmints with a rifle but you can not deer HUMMMMM.Thanks again
  8. It's crazy , but states around us can hunt with a rifle for deer.
  9. Hey Desparado we actually agree on something lol
  10. I agree, the DNR should make it legal to use rifles during gun season. Will help with the population control as well. How many times have you heard "But they just weren't close enough". This is why I use my in-line during shotgun season.
  11. rule stickler

    not on state land between oct 15 and jan 1 during daylight hours. but for the most part yes rifles are legal for yotes. rifle legal for deer!?!?!?!?! pleeeeeas not around here never, to flat in my part of ohio. and just check the rifle shootings that go on in our nieghbor to the north .:eek:
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  12. Ditto on the rifle hunting in ohio. Could you imagine the shotgun crowd with a gun that could reach 2 to 6 times the range. Frightening.
  13. we dont need rifles legal in ohio for deer.its bad enough with shotgun hunters tryin to shoot 150 yards at deer,yoo scary for me. if that would ever happen i would definetly not go out durin gun season
  14. Use your bow C.D., give them yotes a chance. LOLOLOL!!!!!
  15. Not sure if i want one of those things that close to me,But hay i'm game if you are???I'm always up for adventure.

    I am given them a chance that why i will be using a rifle they dont have a chance with the bow in hand.:D
  16. It's getting deep now! Lets just hope it's one of those days that your shooting good! LOLOLOL!!!!!
  17. The DNR can never change the no rifles for deer regulations. That is and will always be up to the Ohio General Assembly which to me is a crock of well doo doo :mad:
    Not that we can't hunt deer with rifles but that the DNR can't make any changes to hunting regulations they can only suggest them :rolleyes:
  18. I either take a bow or a 50cal. inline/scoped.
  19. I Believe the in-line muzzleloader is as close to a rifle as we're gonna get in Oh. I'm amazed that they're allowed. Some Western states are even outlawing them I've read. In the long run, I think rifles would hurt Ohio's true trophy potential if allowed. We'd end up shootin 4's & 6's like WV and Pa. every year and I for one would'nt want to see that happen!---TF