Leave the Doe Alone

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  1. I keep reading that hunters can't find any deer,but if they see a doe they will shoot it.Now there is the minimum of 2 and possibly 4 deer gone for next year,if the herd numbers are low to the point you are not seeing any deer,then why would you kill a doe
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  2. Remember the days when hunters shot any buck and they were happy. Now they pass up small bucks to get "the big one" and shoot does for the freezer. Seems like maybe we need to take a step backwards to go forwards.

  3. I agree and yes I remember when Ohio was 1 Buck only
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  4. Not even when it was buck only but even in the early years when hunting was open for does. Even then most hunters still just wanted a buck. Times have changed.
  5. My county has way too many does. I saw 50+ deer this year & maybe 6 were bucks.
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  6. Thus the reason the state cannot micromanage the herd.
  7. agree but people are dumb. they make bad decisions and blame DNR. I am not perfect by any stretch but I do any and everything I can not to shoot a doe, but tag soup is pretty bad. I have done it before though.
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  8. Back in the day it was bucks only then you had to apply for a doe permit now you just buy them
  9. I only shoot the doe that wasn't going to make it to next year. She was either going to get hit by a car or shot by someone else so I shoot her to put her out of her misery.
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  10. I know several people who would kill the last deer on the planet so they could say they "tagged out". For some reason many people have to say they shot something or they feel diminished. My favorite reason is I shot it because I needed the meat, then they jerky the entire deer and take it to work and give it away to everyone. My next favorite is I've killed one for 27 straight years, And I'm gonna "keep the streak alive", I know multiple guys like this. My 3rd is, im not gonna pass one up when i know its gonna go a couple hundred yards and some other guy is gonna shoot it.

    I had a span from 2000 to 2007 where I didn't kill a single deer and I'm not a bit ashamed of it.
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  11. And that kind of thinking is why the deer herd will be diminished.In an area where doe are plentiful I have no problem shooting a doe,but when the numbers aren't there then why shoot one
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  12. It was obviously a joke. Personally I shoot based on what I see. That's all I can do. I saw a lot of deer this year. I filled my freezer. I was happy to do it.
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  13. Never let an internet forum dictate how you hunt or what you decide to legally kill. Filling the freezer is never a bad thing.
  14. I mostly agree but I would change the word “how” to “what”. I’ve learned a lot from this site and it has dramatically changed how I hunt.

    I’d say you could improve the way you hunt and have better opportunities at whatever it is that you’re trying to harvest.
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  15. While I know everyone doesn't feel the same way - which is fine - I completely agree with the above. I'd add: It's a compounding effect...those 2, 3, 4 could be 4, 6, 8 next year, and so on. For the buck hunters, 1 or more of those fawns could be a bruiser buck several years down the road. Pre-rut, that's one less doe to draw a buck onto your property and/or past your stand. If you truly depend on the meat to get by I totally get it. If not, it's much easier to find a reason to 'pull the trigger', than it is not to.
  16. If they depend on the meat go buy a few piglets feed them for 5 months and then butcher
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  17. I agree. Anybody that behaves in the manner in which I have seen in recent threads on this sight is an ******* anyways. There is no reason to degrade or belittle individuals for their choice in hunting styles. If you act that way I don't want to know you or interact in any fashion. I'm about done with it. I don't want to read it. I would rather just enjoy the hunts by myself then to share it with someone I know to be an *******.
  18. I'm surely hoping the buy some piglets and feed them for 5 months is a joke. Please, for the love of god tell me that's a joke. If not, this site and our sport is in very deep manure.
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  19. Using this logic we should never kill a deer, ever , unless it's a buck we can put on Bone Collector. However, this logic goes against everything the QDM professionals preach. They are some doe whacking mofo's. How many does for each buck harvested do they teach? The Drury's have entire episodes where they are whacking does, sometimes the cameraman will switch spots so he can "murder" one of those does too. I've lost all faith in humanity by reading these deer threads. It's really depressing.