Leave jake decoy home for late season?

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  1. I'm just curious what you guys and girls think about how your hunting strategies change during the late season? I've heard that you need to tone it down...calling less overall and less aggressively. Also I've read that you're better off just using 1 or 2 hen decoys...leaving the male decoys home as by this time in the season, gobblers are less apt to want a confrontation.

    Thanks in advance for your ideas and opinions!
  2. I have had mature toms (3+ year old birds) viciously attack Jake decoys the last week of the season. I think it only gets better as the season goes on as lonely old tom has bred all the locals ladies and is more actively searching for his next piece. I hunt the NE zone the majority of the time so we still have 2 more weeks left, and I know things can vastly vary amongst different parts of the state.
    I equate it to when the late whitetail rut is winding down and only the last few doe are still in estrous. Usually results in some vicious competition to breed.
    Just my experiences though, others may have differing views.

  3. The only time that I use a decoy is while hunting a field.
  4. I actually like a 1/2 strut jake late in the season and have great success with older birds. There is far more competition for the few non nesting hens late season and the big boys are still very aggressive. Now if you have 2 yr olds that have been beat up all season they may be afraid.
  5. Leave it home and you will end up wishing you had it :p
    Take it with ya and you won't need it
  6. WP_20180511_09_59_59_Pro.jpg Been still using my half strut jake right up behind a lay down hen. Also have a feeder hen out. Called this bird in Friday morning for my girlfriend.

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