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late season muzzleloader season

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I can hardly wait for the late season muzzleloader season here in Ohio. It is the 27th thru the 30th. Im going to be hunting on private land in northern Holmes county. How many of you are going and where do you plan to hunt?

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I wont get out until Saturday the 28th. Not sure where we will be going at this time. I hope to get down to Ross County at our oraganization's lease. If not ..:confused:
love the cold!

I'll be out Fri, and maybe Sat/Sun if I don't get one Friday. Harrison/Guernsey county.
I will be out on the 27th for sure. I'm using a cva inline hunter mag,with a redfield scope, which I used for gun season, hope to get a shot off this time.
Going to Hocking county with my 54 cal. TC Hawken. I shoot a patched round ball.
I have lots of work to do, But I hope to get out every day. My only be 2-3 hours but I hope to get out. I have one deer in the freezer I would like one more. Well hunt here on the farm. Been seeing lots of deer. But the bow is at the house. It's hard to hold on to when your working.:D
Im in the same boat as alot of you. I will hunt only for a few hours on friday and saturday. I can't get out sunday, but will be back out for four hours monday morning. I guess its better than nothing.

oh yea im headin out.got 12 days off fom work and plan on huntin them all.i huntin in logan county
It must be nice to have so many days off. Good luck and let us know how you do.

will do.just found out tonight from another huntin buddy we might get down to southern ohio where we bow hunt for the day and do a hunt.saw lots of deer durin bow hope there still there.
the deer down south here in the last few days are really starting to heard up. we are seeing anywhere from 10-15 at a time.also i think the second rut is starting to reaaly kick in.
i,ll be hunting in birds run&kimbolton. good luck to every one and please be safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

southern boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I live back in the woods in Jackson county, there is still deer everywhere...Had 11 in my front yard tonight!
I had a blast last year during the late season. We did alot of deer drives and saw alot of deer. I missed one doe.

I wish I could go this year, but I won't be able to make it home for the holidays this year.

Good Luck

took the old 50 cal. out today and good out to at least 100 yards . if i an hit a deer like i did the target there will be venison in the freezer
Was also out this afternoon testing the old smoke pole out to check and see if it was still on,Well first shot at fifty yards rigth in the bread basket said well maybe lucky,Second shot right through the first shots hole could not believe saidwelp thats good enough for me,Set target out at 100 yards first shot 1" right of the bread basket,hummm second shot right next to the first shots hole hummm welp im done put the old pole back in it case.Look out deer i will be in the woods first thing friday morning good luck to all you smoke polers this year(bread basket is a orange stick on dot)
You guys are getting real good about the invitations arent ya? Thats ok, old habits are hard to break.
I plan on going out sometime this weekend. I dont know where and dont know for how long but i will be out.
Sounds like most of you are ready. Im going to shoot mine just one more time on Christmas Eve day to double check that things are still good to go. You can never be to careful.
We will have to meet here and tell our stories. I hope everyone of you guys get a deer.
I love late season muzzy! Me and my bro will hunt Fri and Sat. We'll hunt Morgan co.
hey spitfire you goin to join us friday down south.cant wait to get out myself.did you get the smokepole sighted in.
OH YEA! I'm very jazzed up for my first ML only season. I'll be hunting mostly private land around the Plain City area. I'll be using my American Knight .50 cal, with 100gr. Pyrodex Select, and a 295gr. Powerbelt.

Good Luck and Good Huntin'
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