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I had last week off, much needed, and I scratched the fishing itch nearly every day of the week. I hit some local public water, the AEP land ponds, and made a 2-day trip to the mountains in WV. Here's the skinny on reports.

-Local public pond/lake: with warm weather, bass were active and even hitting on top. Also got a few on streamer patterns (deceivers, Murdich minnow, bendbacks). Bluegills attacked a tandem rig of a green weenie and hare's ear soft hackle under an indicator.

-AEP: water seemed cooler, no activity on surface flies but killed em on streamers. The downside was their down size, no fish over about 13-14" landed, but tons in the 10-14" range. Good flies were the Murdich Minnow, Seaducers, Deceivers, and bendbacks.

-WV small stream trout: water was warmer than expected, saw good hatches of small black caddis and some sort of mayfly in the #14 range (I'm no entymologist, sorry). I wet waded...in WV in March...that's crazy. I caught lots of brookies and bows on dries, the black EHC got a lot of action, as did the Royal Wulff. I'll remember the trip more for the fish I lost, though. I had some very nice wild trout on the line that didn't make it to the net.

Fish porn:


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I gotta get me one of those brookies. Nice job Cream! I see the "homerun" poppers made their mark
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