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Last Scouting Trip

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by celloguy, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Went out today to do a final check on "my spots" and found no new sign anywhere. Very curious, very curious indeed. These deer are not human spooky, live in areas that are bordered by crop and McMansions, have not been out there in two weeks, they seemingly disappeared. Hrmph, guess I'll go on trust and do my thing.
  2. wow thats weird...i've noticed more and more sign including seeing deer each following weekend i've been down scouting...and this week there were scrapes and rubs everywhere where last week i couldnt find any...i am also seeing more tracks indicating more deer movement especially smaller bucks.i see a lot of small bucks during early hunting cruising the woods,scraping and rubbing...deer have a tendacy to disappear sometimes but always seem to come back,maybe theyll be there openining weekend...good luck...:biggrin:

  3. Thanks Coonie, I checked four different parcels on public land (same wildlife area) and I really think the aliens got them. At this time I always see what you describe, more and more sign and actual sightings. I crept in this morning and was on high alert all day; craziest thing is all I really saw were chipmonks, not even one squirrel! It was absolutely dead, kind of erie to tell the truth.
  4. If there are no acorns where you're looking, you better go find 'em! :)
  5. X 2 , I was out this weekend scouting and there not in the fields anymore but I checked out acorn trees and there getting hammered, that's where there at.

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  6. Four of my six blinds are in the oaks, acorns all over the ground and not one track, pile, rub, scrape, or sign that says "gone to the field, be back in an hour". There are black walnut shells everywhere, but the acorns are untouched.
  7. I have noticed this too only been swing half of what we been seeing all summer. But if I drive through town there is a deer under every oak tree. Wouldn't be too concerned yet unless you find dead deer by water!
  8. Yeah, my sister's house in the burbs has a 10, 8, and 6 point as well as 3 does each with twins come through every evening. The other day I was heading east in I90 and at the Detroit Rd. exit for Rocky River there was a small flock of turkeys right by the highway. Heck, last winter we even had a doe feeding in our neighborhood and we live in the 'hood!