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Discussion in 'Ohio Small Game Hunting' started by njhunter, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Hey all. Im new to the area. I come from new jersey and im a new hunter. Unfortunately i live in new philly and dont really have anywhere to hunt. Im responsible and respectful of nature and peoples property. If anyone would be generous enough to allow me to hunt small game on their land or with them i would be very grateful. Im pretty poor and can barely make rent so i cant really compensate financially but i promise i would be respectful. Thanks. Drew.
  2. I think the best thing to do if I wore you is to do some door knocking get to know some of the people in the area. Offer to do some work around their place.

    The one and only.

  3. Do you realize how much public land is around New Philly?
    much of the land around the muskingum district lakes is open to public hunting. Like Tappan, Leesville Piedmont, Wills Creek, Salt Fork
  4. yep, and if you go to you can navigate to the wma map section and downloadmaps of all th public land.