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Land for hunting....

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Jon E. Silks, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. I'm new to Ohio and am wondering what type of land most of you hunt. Your own; lease; public; or someone else's land you gained permission to hunt?

    I need to find some good hunting ground and want to secure it now for next season.

    Thanks, Jon

    By the way, what does it mean at the bottom of this post entry page where it reads "post a poll?"
  2. You can make up your own Polls here if you like. I am also new to Ohio so have not been fortunate enough to get "in" with a local. permission is dificult without being able to drop a name but there are farmers out there that will alow hunting....i hunt on public land...the Ohio DNR website has lists of all public areas.
    Just go to:

    good luck and welcome to Ohio.


  3. fellas,

    There is an abundance of state land throughout Ohio to hunt. Some you need a slip for and others you don't. The ODNR has an entire list of the land that is open for hunting. Also, there is alot of land available to hunt which is privately owned. These lands are listed on the ODNR's website. Look for land which is entitled cooperative hunting lands. This is a program which the ODNR started which is an entire list,(by county) of all the land owners and there addresses. All you need to do is find one of these and talk to the land owner to obtain permission to hunt. They already have the permission to hunt slips that you will need. These lands are identifiable by the yellow hunting with permission only. The ODNR will give you a list of which ever three countys you want and mail them to you for free.

  4. jon,when you get a chance, take a day and drive around the area that you live in.stop by some farms,ask about hunting and offer to do some farm work for permission to with them and tell them about yourself,how long you have hunted,etc.
    i'd bet that sooner or later you'll find one that will allow you to ready though,they'll work you like a rented mule!!!!!
    if you do get permission,don't ask about bringing a buddy with you unless he brings it up.that's a sure way to lose a spot.remember to share some of what you harvest with them.they'll appreciate it.
    township trustee meetings are a good way to get to know the farmers also!
    good luck and let us know your results.
  5. Hunting

    I hunt mainly on private but I also hunt on public. Ive been hunting the same property for about 6 years or so now and until this year have never asked to bring anyone but my nephew. He does grant a couple other people if asked to hunt his land every year. I always give him a nice share or my kill and always ask him what he wants out of it if anything Ill get something made out of it if it was something he wanted even if I was not going to have that particular part processed. Lol now did I confuse everyone. Also I always ask if there is anything I can do to help and sometimes Ill just come and stop by just to talk. It does pay off to get to know someone well.. Out of the 4 surrounding properties I gained access to 3 of this this year alone.
  6. I just had a guy invite me to hunt with him on his 7 farms! The smallest one is 1200 acres. I can't believe how lucky I can be at times. Hopefully the invite will stand the test of time!

    Has leasing come to Ohio in a big way yet? I have heard that every inch of hunting land within ten miles of where Beatty killed his buck has been leased up. Of course it is just hearsay but it wouldn't surprise me.

    Jon E. Silks
  7. I am lucky I hunt on the same private land I live on..It is very hard to gain acces to private land, to hunt or fish..And getting harder:(
  8. Can anyone tell me the state of leasing in Ohio? Has it started to sweep Ohio or is still a relatively small practice?
  9. You wont make a bunch of friends leasing here. To my knowledge it is a very limited practice in ohio still. Please don't add to it.
  10. Actually, I am just trying to assess the state of hunting land availability in Ohio. All states are different in this respect and I want to know what it is like in Ohio. If I had to lease ground to get any good hunting then I would certainly do it, but so far I doubt that will be necessary.
  11. I hunt on all 3. Public,private and leased. The land I hunt on that is leased is a Mead Paper Land tract in Ross County. It is leased by the organization I belong to(so does pawclaws;) ). Nothing new there. Some of the private land I hunt was found because tyhey signed a agreement with the DNR. I mailed out 200 letters and got around 15 positive replies. Out of that 15 only 4 was to my liking.(Too many was allowed to hunt at the others).
    I still would like to find private land that only my family and I would hunt on. At least for 1 season just to see what it is like.;)
    However SE Ohio public lands are plentiful. A guy could get lost in some of them.:eek:
  12. In the spring start driving areas you would like to hunt. Find the landowner by using the county plat maps. Ask permission, it is that easy.