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Just wanted to say hello

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Pike, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. Just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself to everyone. Looks like this is a pretty neat site. Im from York PA. and just started hunting in Ohio this season. I mainly bowhunt but will take the gun for a walk on occasion. I also hunt in PA. and MD., but Ohio has become my favorite state to hunt in just one season. Pike
  2. PIKE,

    I jsut signed up before you. Nice to see you made it over here also.

    I followed your hunt you spoke of on the "other site" and was glad you got your buck.

    I had 2 fellas from Penn come down earlier this year (February) and I showed them a few spots they cold hunt here in Ohio. Too bad they didn't have the chance to make it for bow season...I was looking forward to spending a day or so hunting with them.

    Also, I know PA has some hills, but after a day with me here in Ohio, I had them thinking these hills were 5000 footers! We walked a good 8 hours at 3 different areas, they were impressed, but I do think they were a little skeptical when I told them about some of our bucks and the size of our deer....hehehhee I had um' down in a hollow, and we started up the bank to get to the ridge, we took a break on the 1st flat and one of the fellas said "man, to even get a deer outta here we are gonna have to quarter it up and pack it out".....their eyes got real big when I said "you can't quarter one up before you tag it in here in Ohio"....they said that I should "start a lobby" to change that rule...heheheheh!

    Liek I said, I read about your hunting trip to Ohio this year, you seem like a pretty good guy and ethical hunter. IF that place ever "dries up" that you are hunting now in Ohio, just let me know and I'll show you a few hills and hollows.


  3. Old hat, Thanks!! Your post made me laugh, thinking about my firdt scouting trip out there. The entire drive, I was trying to imagine what Ohio would look like, I thought about the miles of corn fields and I thought the high ground would be 3 ft. higher than the low ground. When I crossed the Ohio state line on Rt 70, I kept thinking its got to start getting flatter any second now, Miles went by and no sight of a cornfield or the land getting flat, I exit onto rt 77 and head south towards Caldwell its a little flater but still no signs of the corn fileds that make Ohio famous. well I get off the Caldwell exit and find my friends house. We head out to see the land, No corn fields but the terreign looks like the perfect habitat for big bucks, but totally different from what I have ever hunted, I m used to hunting corn and soybean fields and big woodlots, a little hilly but no where near SE. Ohio. So i was a little intimidated, and awestruck by the vastnest of the miles of hilly, thick, deer habitat. each scouting trip out there, and during the season, I ended up walking myself to death, wanting to explore, every ridge, saddle, bottom, ravine, funnel, during the season i had to force myself to stop scouting and start hunting, because every step I took the more I fell in love with the area, even though, it was like learning how to hunt deer all over again, i figured it might take a couple of years to get a shot at a good buck, but I think I fell more in love with hunting the area than hunting the deer. Im going to start scouting out there in Jan, and I cant wait to get back out there, I cant wait for next bow season to get here, usually after a long bow season, i need to forget about bowhunting and fish for a couple of months until the fever starts taking over most of my waking thoughts, cant wait for Oct. and thanks for the welcome. I would also like to say, that the people I have met in SE. OH. are the nicest group of people I ever ever met!! whether, I met them at the diner, gas station a local watering hole or in the woods, they all treated me like they knew me my whole life. If was from OH. I would be very proud of the kind of people your state has. Your friends from PA. missed out big time, and wait to they shoot a deer out there and see how big they are and see what their thoughts about dragging a deer out then. and even though my legs and lower back hated me each and every night , I loved those hills. Look forward to talking to you more over here. thanks for the warm welcome, the compliments and the offer, I would like to invite you to PA. but I feel you would be disapointed!! Also any advice you have for me about hunting out there would be greatly appreciated , I want to learn as much as i can before next season. Pike
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  4. Pike,

    Hhehhehe they were exactly the same, we got to the top of this ridge, and you could see off in the distance about 3 0r 4 more ridges with nothing in between us besides woods. I guess the farthest ridge you could see was about 4or 5miles away (by way of the crow) of the Penn boys said the same thing "My god, no wonder you guys get big bucks"....then I pointed out about 1/2 square mile of the thicket nastiest 10-15 year old clearcut(one of those you have to crawl through) and told them that "That is why we have these big bucks".

    I took a nice 9 point this year, I haven't figured out how to post pics yet here, but if you go to the Ohio Forum, expand the forum and look for the thread "pictures", I have a pic of him there. He wasn't massive or anything, but had a 22" inside spread. This fella had to be about 9.5 -10.5 years old....he didn't have one single tooth in his head! His antlers had degenerated some, but i would have loved to seen him at 4.5 -7.5 years old, I am sure he was a "sight for sore eyes". But, you have to love it, when you can take a buck that old, tells you a lot about pressure, and keeps you going knowing there are a lot of good bucks in there. I seen 2 different 10's that would score around 140-160 earlier in the evening, I seen 3 8's, a 7 and a few "pecker head" bucks alongwith 8 does....I blew a shot at 20 yards on one of the big 10's, was "beating myself up" after he took off running, then 5 minutes later, here came the 9, and he wasn't so lucky! I seen all of these deer in a matter of 3 hours in one evening hunt!

    Yep, I consider myself an "expert" when hunting the "hills", it's a differrent type of hunting than the flatland, but, you'll get over the intimidation really quickly when you start seeing deer....Let me know if ya need some advice! For starters, I like nothing better than a "saddle" with a nice patch of oaks nearbye... you just set and and watch the does and wait, licking your chops!
    That's how these bucks "cut our hills in half" when traveling, is through those saddles! When "sniffing time" comes around you can take a place like that "to the bank"...keep your eye out for a good saddle with some oaks and you'll see all the deer in the woods and catch the big boys cruising through the saddle when the rut picks up. If you get a chance to hunt in October, I'd pick the edge of a clearcut and catch a big buck slipping in and out of them, may not see a lot of does, but if you have patience, early in the year, an edge of a clearcut = big bucks! Now come Halloween, get away from the clearcuts and catch the bucks out in the Oaks sniffing the does...just follow the scrape lines to the doe "feeding and Bedding areas"...pick whichever suits your fancy and give um' hell!

  5. Hey all

    G'day, I just signed up, was directed here by Senecabow (don't hold that against me!). Good to ge here and I hope to have the time to look around an get caught up with recent posts.
  6. Just thought I'd say howdy too.:)

    Old Hat, it's good to see your still around. :)

  7. Stacker, nice too meet you!! TF, good to see ya again!!
    Old Hat, Congrads!! Sound like a great buck, Im glad you took him he probably would have starved to death this winter, not being able to chew . A buck that old is a true trophy. And they wont come any smarter than him. Pike
  8. Welcome to the site guys!! It's nice to meet you all.;)
  9. Thanks for the Welcome Desperado.

    Thunderflight, yep, I'm always around, but have not posted as much on the "other site". I like "giving out info and helping other hunters out"...not a lot of that has went on over there in the last year, seems to have turned into a "peeing contest". It has eased up some though.

    How long you going to be stationed in SC before you PCS? Sounds like the hunting down there is horrible. Let me know if ya ever want to bowhunt sometime. I made the offer a few minutes ago to the "Deercamp boys" about showing them a spot to hunt and possibly getting together for an early season bowhunt in "my neck of the woods" (Southern tip of Ohio), although I live in the Dayton area now, I spent 15 years thumping those hills down there digging roots, hunting, and other stuff, I know the land and the deer like the back of my hand, your welcome anytime!

    OTS made it over here yet? i'd invite him also, but I hear he snores and smells, plus we'd have to remind him to take his geritol! I think he'd jsut get in the way..hehehehhheeh!
    (you need to tell everyone about the "smiley face" before this site gets too big! 8*).

  10. Welcome aboard was also over at the other site and made the switch a couple of days ago and so far i love this site much better.
    I love the variety, so far have not had the chance to get all around the site yet but will someday
  11. Welcome everyone! It looks as though alot of us are from that other site (bowsite). Glad to see you all made it out alive, I know im not going back to that Black Hole.
  12. Hey guys good to see all of you here. I was one of the deercamp boys that got banished. We're over that now, but it was really hard to take. I mean, one minute you're posting the 1100 thread on the "topic" and the next thing you know, you're spinning from being thrown out the door with no notice/warning.

    To those of you who helped me there, I thank you for all of your constructive input and hope we can learn more from each other here. This is a great place to be. Maybe we can get the campfire chat going a little more ... any thoughts on that.
  13. welcome to the new members.i made a change from the black hole also andaint goin back
  14. Old Hat,

    Yes you do have to have thick skin to hang on the Ohio forum on bowsite. 8*)

    I'll sent OTS an email and tell him to jump on the band wagon.

    I'll be in South Carolina for at least two more years. I'm actually hoping to stay for at least four to five. We're tired of moving around every couple years. I'll be eligible to retire in 3.5 years, but I'll probably hang around for a few past 20. It really depends on if I can orders back up to the MD, PN or D.C. area.

    Actually believe it or not the hunting here is pretty good, but just not for deer. We can hunt hogs year round, kill five turkey's during our six week season (you can hunt all day too). Where I live the salt water fishing, crabing and shrimping is awesome too. If it wasn't for the dang bugs and humidity then I'd stay here.

    Anyway, OTS, you and me should try to hook up some time to hunt. Next year's a bust cause I'll be on an aircraft carrier. After that I'll be good to go for a while

  15. I am new here also, actually new to this site and a new resident of the dayton area. My wife and i just made an offer on a house in the Ceaser Creek area.

    I recognize some of the people on here from the Bowsite. Been a bowsite member almost since it's inception many years ago.

    I saw more big bucks in one evening of hunting here in Ohio than I have seen in a lifetime of hard hunting in Pa! This is deffinitely a great state.

    I'm glad to see some other PA natives here as well.

    Jon E. Silks

    PS. If any of you get a chance, please check out my article in the December Petersen's Bowhunting magazine and give me some constructive feedback. Thanks
  16. Thanks for the warm welcome every one!! Also, welcome sand congrads to you new members who just escaped as well!! Pike
  17. Welcome to the new members, Hope you injoy your time at the site.:p