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just stumbled in

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by MISFIT, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. just happened on this place while "hangin'out at my regular "haunt".the format looks kinda familiar,which is good for me,since i don't have to learn so many ins and outs:),but with a few nice differences. i'm a little slow when it comes to puters,ya know:rolleyes: anyway,it's a very good looking site and i'm looking forward to visiting it on a regular basis.

    ps.......already had to do an edit and i didn't even have to search all over to figure it out:cool: ;) i think i'm gonna like this "user friendly" format:D
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  2. Welcome Misfit. :)

  3. welcome, I like the easy design as well.

  4. I see the Spencer Tracy look-alike ..

    ~ :cool: has a new handle!!! :cool: ~


    Score one for da Old Fart ~ Luv Ya Bro Rick! :rolleyes: :p

    :p :p
  5. SPENCER TRACY ha ha ha ha :D :D :D MISFIT ha ha ha funny but true.
  6. thanks for the warm welcome bill and lunk(am i right Fish?)as for those other two guys:rolleyes: hey old fart,i still ain't figured out where the resemblance with spence is.he wasn't near as good lookin' as me:confused: LOL.
    and i ain't even respondin' to a frog that just sits around on a stool and can't catch a fish:p :p

    ps.....bro ray,after lookin' at that pic i do have to admit i'm a good lookin' old devil,ain't i:D :cool: :p
  7. Welcome Misfit!! Rick I'm going to have to have one of those styling hats!;)
  8. hey clarence,if you wanna do a little trollin'at buckeye,you might try around the north shore ramp.if you get lucky you might hook the one in the pic:D .it kinda ended up at the bottom there last spring while i was doin some waverunnin' on the 2 footers:eek: ;)
  9. I hear them waves out that way can just about thorow you out of the boat when the traffic is heavy.
  10. that's why you won't see me there when the crowds are out.that day there probably weren't a half dozen people as crazy as me,on the water.docks weren't in and the lake was at it's lowest.shoulda seen my trick drive-on loading:D .when i got on the trailer water was pouring in over the transom due to the steep grade:eek: :D
  11. That's got to be scary. The boat sinking in the lake and your on the trailer....LOL :D
  12. thats just a normal, everyday trip for the "MISFIT" :rolleyes: