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Jimmy Kimmel

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Kyle13, Oct 7, 2017.

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    okay, so why are people's feelings hurt when Jimmy Kimmel gets blow back for calling all gun owners crazy. he leaves out the responsible 10 million gun owners in America. This was terrible don't get me wrong, but the far left is crazy! take away guns they scream, but the people that should not have them will find ways to get them. nothing will change. it is a horrible situation that some people just don't understand, and all the late night host push propaganda instead of being funny. I am done with all of them.
  2. I agree!!! Stephen Colbert is the one I absolutely cannot stand.
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  3. I don't know how to prevent these type of things from occurring but taking a way a gun will not stop anything. It is obviously political or they would be trying to outlaw vans and pressure cookers as well. I'm fine with limiting the ability to make full auto weapons.
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  4. There are always three elements to a mass shooting: (1) A nut-case shooter; (2) A target of massed people; and, (3) One or more guns. Why all the focus on (3) when (1) and (2) are also key elements?

    Stopping some nut-case from executing a mass shooting by changing the U.S. Constitution's 2d Amendment to prohibit our right to keep and bear arms would be as effective as changing the 1st Amendment to prohibit our right to peaceably assemble.

    Focus should be on (1) the nut-case shooters.
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  5. Their all a bunch of douch bags!!!
    I get sooooooooo sick of their opinions,

    Really look heroine killed more people last year in the USA than guns..
    Their course of action hey let's hand out free 600 dollars of narcan. No charges against them even if they have heroine on them. Etc

    Why not have a a program set up called Narc on them.... alot ten thousand dollars to city's you turn in a drug dealer and they get popped you get 500 dollars. Getting one dealer off the streets probably would save ten shots over a course of a year that's 6,000 dollars then after a dealer is busted make him pay a 1000 dollar fine to go to the program.

    I guess what I'm getting at is they choose what to politicize. The left would love it if we had no guns.

    When freedoms are infringed upon from something a nut job did or an illegal alien. It's not America anymore.
  6. Those people made the choice to turn their lives in that direction. So why should it become our problem??? I don't have much sympathy for them.
  7. I haven't watched any late night since Johnny retired. All of them put together couldn't carry his jock strap.
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  8. Damn right, no agenda...... he made fun of everybody & was funny!

  9. Kind of in the same vein as the original SNL. They didn't really get political & had some funny skits, like Land Sharks, the Samurai Chef, the weight lifter guys, et al.

    Carson also had some funny stuff Like the Matinee Lady, the Slawson Cutoff near the Fork in the Road, Karnak the Magnificent & so on.

    Great TV back in the day.
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  10. Never watched him,,,, ever!!! Personally, I think the guy is a complete idiot and that's putting it mildly, along with all the other late night comics these days. I miss Johnny Carson, and even Jay Leno. Today's late night TV shows is a total bummer, a complete let down to say the least. I even miss Elvira, she absolutely cracked me up decades ago! Original 'SNL' crew was always hysterical back in the day. Today's crew, mediocre at best!

    Anyhow, the left will never understand our 'Second Amendment' right and there is absolutely no logical reason to even consider listening to what they have to say about it, period! Just move on and let them blabber to themselves cause that's what they do best. Just carry on!
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  11. Way more than that, latest number is around 150 million Gun Owners at the least, with well over 350 million guns estimated to be in the US.

    Look, the Police State Socialist Democrats will use any gun crime as a reason to repeal the 2nd Amendment. That is why we must be vigilant in fighting to protect our rights. Even the NRA is not for the full protection of the 2nd Amendment provides. The NRA gave the ATF their blessing to ban the Bumb Stocks that no one even heard of until this terrible shooting by a “EVIL” man. The ATF already approved their sale back in 2010 under the Obama’s administration. Now, even spineless Republicans are signing off on a bill that can make a Ruger 10/22 Illegal.

    To put things in perspective, There are 325 million people in America, give or take. 34,000 gun related crimes. 2/3 of those are suicide. The rest are inner city crimes that if you took those out alone, would make the US one of the safest countries in the world. You disarm the innocent to stop the evil and this is the philosophy of the police State anti- 2nd Amendment crowd. There is no arguing facts with them, they do not care about them. So, You have to keep fighting them.

    The 2nd Amendment was not about hunting, it was not even about self protection per say. It was and is STILL about preserving freedom, liberty and fighting government tyranny. Many say it’s out dated and wouldn’t work today anyway and Government would never do that.. They are dead wrong on all counts. This is just another excuse in trying to destroy America and what she stands for.

    When someone plans as much as Praddeck did in LV, in a free and open society, there is no real way to stop it. Other than good people need to be more aware of their surroundings, should be armed anywhere and anytime. If that were the case, the hotel, which was a “gun free zone”, may have been able to slow him down or stop him. Until reinforcements showed up. The so called “security guard” was unarmed for Christ Sakes.
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  13. Bryan six

    Bryan six Staff Member Mod

    Our governments way to big for it's britches!!!
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  14. Amen to that.
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  15. At least Trump is trying to get our country back in the saddle. Way too many people like the Kneelers who are against our Country. It's getting worse every day. You know who started all that was Obama and his gang of thugs.
    To Hell with those Lefty late night idiots. Yea, Carson was the best.


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