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January 3-D shoots?

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by Spitfire, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. Any January 3-D shoots going on? I have'nt heard of any yet.
  2. You can go on the bowsite and look at there calender and they list alot of them.

  3. I know about the Bowsite but i vowed not to go back to that site. I suppose i could make an exception for the sake of looking at the 3-D schedule. Thanks for your response Desperado.
  4. Just a thought, go to the bowsite and writedown the dates you are interested in and put them in the calender on this site. Grab also any dates that you think someone might be interested in.

    Just a thought though, figured that way you only have to go back once.

  5. Maybe we could get steve and the bunch here to put in a section for 3-d scheduling.What do you guys think of that?Heck i like to try a league thing also?
  6. I dunno if anyone is interested, but there are a TON of 3-D shoots up here in NW OHIO/ SE MICH. They start in Jan. and pretty much go until September. Usually there are at least a few of them on every Sunday. Let me know and I'll post a few.
  7. Hay lookma post a few good ones on the calendar so we can look at them and decide which one we can shoot.
  8. I posted a few yesterday, mainly the National Triple Crown Dates. I am hitting all three this year.
  9. I dont see any on the calender other than the stuff I put on there.
  10. Hay i look at the calendar and there is nothing on it on my end.I wonder if you can only see it for yourself (kinda like a personal calendar)to see,Not everyone else . I'm with you on making all three legs would like to do it just once but no fridays for me though have to work.
  11. Friday's are the best days to go. Not near as crowded on the course. It will be kind of hard to leave after you get off of work on Friday night and shoot all 40 on Saturday. Even if you shoot 30 on Saturday you only have till noon on Sunday to finish.
  12. I didn't see anything on the calender either, so I'll post them here.I only have last years list, and it only has January's shoots. I'll have to pick up a new list for 2003 and post some more on here if you guys are interested.

    Maybee Sportsman Club 30 3-D (734) 439-1353
    Mudjaw Bowmen 30 3-D (734) 848-4097
    Monroe Rod + Gun 30 3-D (734) 243-9774
    River Raisin 30 3-D (517) 486-9909
    Tomahawk Shoot (bales) (734) 847-1748
    Dundee Sportsman 30 30-D (734) 529-3581

    Most of these are about 15 mins. over the border. There are two local clubs in Ohio up here, but they don't have anything for Jan. Let me know if you guys want me to post Feb's shoots when I get the list.
  13. Thanks for the Info. How far from Dundee are these places? That will give us an idea of how long of a drive we would have. It takes about 2-1/2 hrs. from my house to get to Dundee.
  14. Welp i guess i want be shooting the triple crown then, i don't have all this time on my hands just to take off and go whenever so i guess i will have to just pick one again.Man thats sucks was wanting to hit them all.:mad:
  15. I dont know what to tell ya, other than I wish you could go. I will probably have to go with Conkle unless he decides he is'nt going to go to all three. If he doesn't go then I will go by myself. I'm shooting all three this year regardless.
  16. Welp was hoping that you could make it on saturdays but don't blame you on the crowd thing so good luck and have fun.Will try and make Nelsonville this year( maybe)
  17. I think I would rather go with Josh than Conkle. I dont want to listen to Dave's bragging for an entire weekend about how good he is and how he placed 3rd or 4th or whatever it was last year at Nelsonville. I can put up with Josh's bad habits for a weekend, besides he can drive and haul everything in his truck.
  18. I know what you mean there beside he will be shooting in the pro class this year $$$$$$$$,us rookies can't compete you have fun and enjoy
  19. Is he shooting pro this year? I just cant stand it when he brags on himself, and then he moans & groans when he gets beat. If you have noticed with him it's always the equipment, he's to good for it to be him. Maybe I should practice as much as he does and see what happens!