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Jackson county Ohio deer hunting?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by johnhunter247, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Can anyone tell me what quality of the deer hunting I should expect around Liberty twp. in Jackson county Ohio? I am thinking about pulling the trigger on a farm there. Any advise or info from anyone familiar with hunting the area would be great. Buying a farm is a big investment and I don't want to regret it. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  2. don't really jnow about that particular areas , but jackson county over all has a healthy deer herd. bucks on the average 130-140 mostly. we are not a real big agricultural area. the 1 thing i will say is the biggest problem with this area is poachers, wealthfare rate is through the woods here which mean people have alot of spare time and seem's that most of them love to kill big deer at night. Good luck with the purchase of your farm and hope to run into you some day.

  3. :thumbs_up::thumbs_up: Yes it is really good hunting thew out the county. But yes just like any place thieves are there. so watch out for your stuff if you're not going to live there. But the deer? You will like it. There are some that are bigger than 140 that get shoot.
  4. defintely alot bigger than 140's, but on anverage 130-140 class deer. and yes a ton of thieves. plan on replacing stands and feeders quite often
  5. I like the sounds of the hunting aspect. But I sure don't want to have to worry about my stuff when I am not there. Thats a tuff one. Within the next five years if purchased I would definately be moving there. No chance in hell I would move where I couldn't trust my neighbors. Before purchasing if decided I will get a plat book and talk with all the neighbors then make my final decision. But I definately won't buy if there are lots of cut up small parcels surrounding the farm, or stateland anywhere with close access. Thanks for the input guys! All info and experience with the area is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the contact info for the local c.o. for that area?
  7. I live in Liberty Township and we have as many thieves as anywhere else. We also have our fair share of Amish families. The hunting is good, bucks are big and leased land is plentiful. Good luck finding a farm to buy.
  8. There thieves everywhere, my Buddys car has been broken into 3 times and he lives in what would be known as one of the nice areas in Cincy...

    If you have public land by you it would be a bonus. IMO broken up land I understand.
  9. Don't let these guys lie to you. There is no deer left in south east Ohio sorry man.

    The one and only.
  10. You and I just might be seeing no deer together!:D But thanks for your honesty!:shhh:
  11. But really there is some great deer all over south east Ohio.

    The one and only.
  12. Jackson Whitetails

    I want to give you straight up honest answer. My friends and I have leased 600 acres in Jackson, this will be our 5th hunting season. The 1st year there were all kinds of these 130-140 class bucks. That was the reason we signed on again and again. However over the past 3 years we have only seen 1 shooter for us and we classify that as 130. We have massive issue with poachers, and locals complete disregard for trespassing. We have had run in after run in with locals. Their friends drop them off hours before sun up and pick them up hours after sun down. We know this because we put trail cams up that text pics to your phone. We have over 15 trailcams on the property and i can tell you this is our last year. We looked at over 6000 pictures yesterday after the opener and saw ZERO shooters! There are no more Booners in Jackson. They just are not there anymore.
  13. Your biggest issues is going to be trespassing. I live 90 min away from my property (live in Dayton own in SE Ohio) and I still have issues. The locals will get to know your schedule and figure out you live out of state. Let's be realistic, living in Michigan you can't be down there all the time.

    No matter how many friends you make you will have issues. Many of which will be your neighbors especially if they don't own that much property to begin with. As mentioned above trail cams and easy to haul out feeders will grow legs and walk off. Not trying to scare you off.

    Have you talked with neighbors? Is it a good neighborhood? Your neighbors can make or break your deer hunting and overall experience on your property.
  14. I'm gonna list some counties I woul look at.......areas where agriculture meets the hills an u get a mix of both. Ross, highland, warren, Adams. That's where I would invest in a hunting property even if I couldn't afford as much acreage. I believe your experience will be better. IMHO
  15. I disagree with the public land statement. I would NEVER buy land that adjoined/very close to public hunting. Park no hunting? Yes! Public hunting? NEVER. You'll never educate all the people that come there to hunt. With private lots around you, you may have a bad neighbor, but that is ONE neighbor. Public land you could have hundreds or bad neighbors. Just a thought.

    Also would never buy land adjoining a busy highway. Year round killer. JMO though....
  16. Yes to what OS said, however, be ready to pay $4,000-10,000 an acre. In Jackson you can buy land all day for $2,000, so if you buy in the above counties you will only be able to purchase half acreage at best versus what you could in Jackson. I agree with OS, better deer hunting and better habitat.

    However, with even less acreage you better buy in the right area with the right neighbors.
  17. You may also want to look into Belmont and Guernsey amd surrounding counties. Nice mix there with mature woods and agricultre. Some nice deer.

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  18. ill bet theres some real big monsters in them jackson county heals!!!:biggrin:
  19. See a lot of people talk about poaching in this county. My dad and I just leased 100 acres in Jackson we were wondering if poaching really is that big of an issue here? We talked to a few neighbors and haven't ran into any trouble yet.. Went up there in august hung some trail cams and haven't had anything stolen either just hoping it's going to be worth our while since we are from nc... Any tips would be appreciated
  20. duckman, where from nc are you from, i;m also from nc, and hunt in jackson co, so far i;ve had nothing stolen from that area,(knock on wood), started in jan. of this year, got some nice bucs on cam. but only small ones this season so far, hoping to get back up there opening weekend, but work may not allow it, so it may be second weekend before i get up there, as for the poaching i can verify it does happen,