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Discussion in 'Ohio Bowfishing' started by Flatheadmaniac, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. They put you as a Moderator over this forum too? man i dont think i could do it!:( , but thats just my thoughts and feelings on this "sport"!
  2. Huh??? I have been Moderator on the warm water forum since I joined the site????:confused:

  3. Ok I see what you are talking about, the Bowfishing in the warm water section....Thats Ok I wont let my feelings interfear with the topic!
  4. LOL..Good luck Jack!

    If you don't want it I will gladly do it. Since you don't like bowfishing and all.:D ;)
  5. I could always stir up some trouble and make the moderators earn their title. How's that sound, Jack?? :D
  6. Nothing bothers me anymore, I learned along time ago, it does not pay to argue on the forums...I just agree to disagree and go on..So lets talk bowfishing:D :cool:
  7. Dig It !!!

    You guys Oughtta see what I Bowfish with , You would lose it.............Actualy its quite the tuff set-up.........Ive got an Old Bear Kodiak 50lb pull re-curve, painted it Camoflouge, and Ive got the Old Can style spool that holds my Dacron line............Cant be too awful choosy with your shot once that baby is Drawn..........Plus we fish from an 18 ft Old Town Canoe that we have re-finished to original canvas..........we can sneak up on about anything LOL
  8. Wise 1, Don't discount that old Bear Kodiak Hunter. That is the same bow that I use now. I have killed thousands of rough fish with it of various species including 2 state records. I gave up on the can style reel though. I put a Retriever reel on it when I started going to Saginaw for the tournaments.
  9. I use a 52 lb. recurve with a retriever reel and use Muzzy fish points with aa arrow slide on the shaft. I'm looking at trying out a Zebco 808 on it this year.;)
  10. I tried the Zebco 808. It works OK most of the time. I like to use braided dacron line in the 135lb test class. You can't get much of that on an 808.

    I use the Muzzy fish points too. They are the best. I don't use any kind of a slide on the arrow though. I tie a large loop knot in the end of my line and stick half of the loop through the hole in the nock end of the arrow. Then I simply take the part of the loop I just pushed through the hole and bring it over top of the nock. This way if you have a pass through you do not have to cut the line and tie a new knot. I guess those stoppers do the same thing though.
  11. Since I put these slides on i haven't had a pass though yet ( knock on wood). You should give them a try. You don't live that far from me we might hook up and I'll show you them. Maybe make a game plan for bowfishing.;)
  12. Desperado, The first time I saw those stoppers was at the Deer& Turkey Expo a few years back. Yes, I think I might give them a try. I hate pass throughs. especially when the fish are spawning and you are in a hurry to shoot.

    We will definately have to get together for some shooting this spring.
  13. I guess I'll be losing that can -style- winder.....It was a pain anyway, ....So an 808 will do a good job?......................I'm Rusty :D need to get the ole Bow out and Flex it this Spring..................Its cool talking to others that shoot.
  14. Sure wise1 the more the merier. Jump right in.

    On a different thread I want to see who would be interested in starting a bowfishing club. Just let me know.;)
  15. Good Idea

    On the Club............. I havent been out with the Bow for years --to tell ya the truth............................But Im ready !!!!

    Hey what part of the state are we talkin here?
  16. All over the state..Have bow will travel...LOL:D

    I'm here in the central of the state and some are north of me. Where are you located?
  17. Cincy......

    Cincinnati area.................Hell I got three states to run around in down here LOL :D I Wanna shoot a GAR !! :D
  18. Wise1 you are from cincy, but you travel to Sandusky Bay to fish for Flatheads?????Whats up with that????...Have you ever fished the Ohio River for Flats?